Blog Tour: Crossing the Line by Kierney Scott

Thank you for stopping by on the Crossing the Line blog tour organised by Northern Star Book Promotions. If, like me, you’ve been reading The Firing Line books then you are eager to get your teeth into this final installment!
Today, I am over the moon to be able to welcome Kierney Scott to my blog for a Q&A about the book! Thank you so much to Kierney for taking the time to answer my questions and for writing such a wonderful series.

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: Kierney Scott
Genre: Romance / Crime
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 2 June 2015
Format: eBook
Pages: Not Specified
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US

About Crossing the Line:
Beth is still reeling from a hit ordered by ‘El Escorpion’, the notorious cartel leader she has relentlessly pursued for the last six years in her role as DEA agent.Reunited with her lover and undercover agent Torres, who is now her husband, and raising their adopted daughter Alejandra, she should be happier. But her role in the tragedy eats away at her, as does her final fling with her old partner Patterson, which she has hidden from Torres…

So when truths are exposed, Beth and Torres’ fierce passion turns into an embittered battle. Beth’s only desire now is to track down El Escorpion once and for all. But will her search for justice cost her everything?

Kierney Scott Reveals All:

1. Hi Kierney, Thanks for joining us, What can readers expect from Crossing the Line?

Crossing the Line is the final instalment of the Firing Line. Expect to see lots of grit and angst and hopefully a satisfying conclusion to the series. Beth has been looking for El Escorpion for six years. It is about time she brought him to justice. Oh and the mistakes Beth and Torres have made throughout the series will come back to haunt them. Lots of drama!

2. What inspired the firing line series, and your main character choices in Beth and Torres?

I listen to music when I write. Every book has its own soundtrack. The songs seem to pick themselves. When I was writing Dirty Little Secrets, I listened to Pitbull on repeat for hours everyday. When I finished the book I realised it was the Universe telling me to write a Latino hero. I wanted to write a Bad Boy and a drug runner so that was my starting point. Once I had Torres, Beth developed naturally. I love to write characters who are very flawed but perfect for each other. Isn’t that what everyone wants, someone to appreciate and compliment their particular brand of crazy?

3. You and Beth are both California girls originally, are you anything like her in any other way?

We both love peanut butter. I try to put peanut butter in every book I write because that stuff is amazing, am I right? (ED: Hell Yeah!) Beth and I grew up in the same place and went to the same University. We both come from very close knit, loving families. We both are very independent and self reliant. And we both find Torres completely irresistible.

I think I am nicer than Beth in some ways. I cut people more slack. I am a lot more self aware. I would have figured out immediately that Patterson was in love with me.

The character I am most like is Beth’s sister Paige. If you want to know what I am like in real life, just read Holding the Line. That is me. I have her sense of humour and outlook on life.

4. What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

I love writing dialogue and any scene with high emotion. I had the best time doing research for these books. I spent a lot of time reading and watching documentaries about the DEA and Alzheimer’s and drug production and narco terrorism…the list goes on and on. I always do a ton of research. That part is so much fun.

5. Were there any parts of the story that you found hard to write?

Sex scenes always take a lot of time to write. The pace slows right down. There is so much you need to convey that goes beyond the physical. So loves scenes can be a lot like hard work. They are great fun to edit though, so there is that.

6. What would you say your writing style is?

I write in a deep third person point of view. Readers tell me that my books are fast pace. A lot of people have said they have read my books in one sitting. I don’t like to waste time in life or with my books. Every scene has to serve a purpose, either drive the plot forward or show the development of the characters. And I need to be entertained. I have to enjoy the scene or I am cutting it.

7. Which authors inspired you to start writing and who inspires you to keep writing?

I adore children’s books. I am not a crier at all but the three books guaranteed to make me cry are all children’s books. Love You Forever (Robert Munsch), The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein), and Someday (Alison Mcghee) .

What keeps me writing is a compulsion. I feel best when I am working on a story. I also really enjoy feedback from readers. I am chuffed when they take the time to write a review or email me, or reach out to me on Facebook or twitter. I am so grateful whenever people choose to spend their time and money on my books.

8. Do you have a favourite music playlist/band/song that helps you write?

The soundtrack for every book is different. For the Blurring the Line I listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Adele. For Holding the Line, I listened to Say Something (Great Big World) and Apologise (One Republic). Apologise was the theme song for the first sex scene in that book. That was such an emotional scene! Beth and Torres had been a part for a long time and boy did they have some things to work through.

9. What are you currently reading?

I just started The Back Nine by Gia Stone. She is adorable, I really like Gia.

10. Now that the firing line series is finished what are you working on next?

I am writing an erotic romance set in Hong Kong. The working title is The Reluctant Dom, The heroine is into BDSM but the hero really isn’t. Oh and the characters hate each other at the start. I always think loathing is a great starting place for romance, in books anyway.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

About Kierney Scott
Originally from California, Kierney Scott moved to Scotland to enrol in the Ph D programme in Educational Research at the University of Edinburgh.

Four days after she arrived, she met her husband, who persuaded her it would be more fun to get married than write a thesis. After the birth of her daughter she decided it was time to go back to school, but soon discovered all she wanted to write was romance novels. She admitted her literary proclivities to her husband, who promptly bought her a laptop and told her to start writing her book.

When she is not writing, you will probably find her at a spinning class or baking (read eating) cupcakes. Her butter cream icing is legendary, if only in her mind. If you want her recipe, or just want to chat, you can contact her at or follow her on twitter @Kierney_S

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