Book Review: Alice Cooper Vol. 1: Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper #1) by Joe Harris

Alice Cooper Vol. 1 CoverToday I’m reviewing the first volume of Alice Cooper graphic novels put together in a hardback format. As a lover of Alice Cooper, horror, and graphic novels this was like a dream come true to be able to review!

Title: Alice Cooper Vol. 1: Welcome To My Nightmare
Series: Alice Cooper #1
Author: Joe Harris
Genre: Graphic Novel / Comic / Horror / Music
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication Date: 1 September 2015
Format: eBook / Hardback
Pages: 168
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Book Blurb:
The X-Files’ Joe Harris takes on The Prince of Darkness – Alice Cooper in his FIRST ongoing comic series!

Rock n’ roll legend Alice Cooper was never a stranger to the mystic and the macabre. His stage shows were the stuff of legend, featuring snakes and pyrotechnics and the invocation of dark themes and darker forces. But while he was a legend in the waking world, few knew his role as “The Lord of Nightmares” beyond it, where he watched over us while we dreamed, and delivered horrors unto the deserving.

Only someone took it all away from him, cast him out of his realm and locked him away… until now. And if he’s going to reclaim his dark throne, he’s going to need all the help he can get!

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

imageMy Review:
Like most people who love heavy metal, I’ve grown listening to Alice Cooper. His music is a staple in my diet. His stage costumes and theatrics along with his lyrics are just begging for a comic series to be written and here it is.

This is the compilation of the first comics in the series and they are so enjoyable. Taking the fun and theatrics which Alice Cooper is known for in real life, this graphic novel introduces him as the Lord of Nightmares, a kind of sandman. His free-will has been taken and he has spent years under the control of his Manager.

imageEnter a bullied kid, his sister and the bully and things start to get interesting with interweaving stories with messages about record company power trips, moral messages around bullying and just a fun story about getting Alice Cooper’s mojo back!

The artwork is great, and fits with the Alice Cooper brand, the story flows well and is fun to read.

The bonus material was epic, with a reprint of Alice Cooper’s first Marvel appearance in 1979 drawn by Stan Lee.

imageYes, there are better graphic novels out there in terms of storylines. But as someone who loves Alice Cooper and his music, graphic novels, and the horror genre I was in seventh heaven.

A huge word of thanks to the publisher Dynamite Entertainment for the ARC via NetGalley so that I could write this review.

About Joe Harris:
Joe Harris is the acclaimed writer of numerous comics, graphic novels and movies mixing horror with tales of super-heroes and the supernatural. As a young creator at Marvel Comics, Harris launched the cult classic Spider-Man spinoff, Slingers. Writing what Wizard Magazine described as great teen angst, Joe would soon be writing myriad Marvel projects including Bishop: The Last X-Man and X-Men: The Search For Cyclops.



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