Review: Nymphs by Sari Luhtanen and Miikko Oikkonen

Sexy, dark and exciting, NYMPHS is the novel of the smash-hit international TV series. Perfect for fans of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE ORIGINALS.

Meet the nymphs: living among us, they’re forever young, dangerously seductive – and ever so deadly…

A young man is found dead after a college party in a small town. His body bears the marks of a brutal attack, but police are mystified as to the actual cause of death.

Afterwards, student Didi Tiensuu is approached by two mysterious women. Beautiful and other-worldly, they have come to warn her she is in danger. And to live, she must for ever leave her old life behind.

There are evil forces at work that mere mortals can never comprehend. And Didi is about to discover her past is a lie. The night of reckoning is coming and the choice is hers. Reject her fate. Or accept her destiny and embrace her power…

I have not seen the Finnish TV series that this book is adapted from and went into reading it with no preconceptions. I was aware I was reading a translated novel and was pleased to find that it read well and without some of the awkwardness that can sometimes come from translations.

The premise of the novel is an interesting one, a normal girl, Didi, has sex with her boyfriend for the first time only to find he dies and her life forever changed as she discovers she is a Nymph. The story develops quite solidly from there and unlike some of these storylines which get a little predictable and clean cut for my liking this one is messy, things don’t go well for Didi and she is stuck wondering who to trust, who is good and who is bad including herself.

At times I found the multiple storylines a little hard to follow. There is a lot which happens in this book which is probably not all that relevant to the main story here. When I read the book I didn’t realise it was a TV adaptation, but this makes far more sense now. On TV these multiple threads would have been far easier to follow, in book form it sometimes got a bit much.

The Satyr’s are heralded as the “bad guys” in this book. Whilst they didn’t come out of it glowing I didn’t feel I knew enough about why they were bad, what did they do to cause such bad feeling. I felt there was far more to this story that could and should have been told. It felt lacking in this area.

This was an easy book to read, the premise was enjoyable, but there were plot holes in vital areas and in contrast too much information in areas where it just didn’t matter.

Thanks to Headline Publishing for the ARC via BookBridgr so I could review this book.

Title: Nymphs
Author: Sari Luhtanen and Miikko Oikkonen
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication Date: 28 January 2016
Format: Paperback
Other Formats: eBook
Pages: 432
Buy: Kindle Nook iBook

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