My Beautiful Disaster Part 2 - J.D. Hughes

#Review: My Beautiful Disaster Part 2 by J.D. Hughes @Joannahughes77


Millionaire Daniel Dukes, has never been a man to take ‘no’ lying down. After losing the love of his life, his future hangs in the balance, but not the one he originally predicted for himself. Now, everything has changed. Without Sophia, money and power are inconsequential. He will stop at nothing to win her heart back even if it means losing it all.

The last thing Sophia Lewis needs is for her ex to come barrelling back into her life. Moving on under the protection of the M.C. Saviours of Children is harder than she thought, but she’s getting there. Until he turns up and upends her world once more.

When two different worlds collide, Sophia and Daniel must learn that to hold on, they must first learn to let go if they’re to find their happily ever after. Or will the madman who threatens to destroy everything beat them to it?

*Warning* Very mature themes throughout.


When I finished My Beautiful Disaster the first thing I did was head to Amazon and download part two. That cliffhanger triggered Mrs Impatient and my huge TBR meant she had to wait a few months for a gap to emerge for me to read it! That time came and boy I was not disappointed!

Not content to leave us with a happy ever after J.D. Hughes shows Sophia and Daniel that the road to everlasting happiness is paved with anger, frustration and lots and lots of make up sex! With tensions flaring thanks to a stalker set on killing them both on loose time is spent with Sophia’s family, motorcycle club the Saviours of Children. Having spent time with an M.C. myself as a child I know these scary looking dudes are pretty much teddy bears underneath the denim, leather and bushy beards so I understood Sophia’s close attachment to them.

Getting to know the man she see’s as a Father really touched my heart and I saw her in a different light seeing how she communicated with him and what his opinion meant to her, especially where Daniel is concerned. The character who well and truly stole my heart though was Gabriel, another child who was taken in by the club like Sophia, she loves him as her brother, but it was clear to me he saw her as much more than that. Gabe was the kind of guy who would have knocked me off my feet in real life in seconds, taken my breath away. Yeah, I had a serious book crush going on here. He didn’t spend much time in the book but when he was on the page he had my full attention. I was almost willing Sophia to leave Daniel for Gabe I liked him so much (what?!).

Anyway, enough of my crushes, Daniel finally accepting what it means to be in love, to fully embrace another person as your own is starting to now face his personal demons and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Sophia, but it’s now Sophia who is having cold feet, afraid to face her demons. I’ll admit towards the end I really wanted to give her a bitch slap and tell her to stop fart-assing about and trust her man already as she really was acting like a complete idiot.

As with the first book the sex scenes were so full of tension the heat was catching the page on fire. These aren’t for the feint of heart but are full of passion and love. Just an absolute pleasure to read.

Thank you for an absolute corker of a conclusion to this story, I’m so glad I picked it up and finished this story, it was such a pleasure to read.

Oh, and finding out Gabe is the focus of the next book…SO HAPPY!


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TitleMy Beautiful Disaster 2
Series: My Beautiful Disaster #2
AuthorJ.D. Hughes
Genre: Romance | Erotica | Adult | Suspense
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 26 March 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback
Pages: 290
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

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