Growing Old Disgracefully - Ada Adverse

#Review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully by Ada Adverse @AdaAdverse @MillsandBoon


Have you ever:

Treated afternoon tea as an ‘all you can eat’ opportuntity?

Realised you only ever hoover when you are expecting guests?

Flatly refused to ‘act your age’?

If so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully is for you: a guide to throwing out the rule book, with a feminist twist


I absolutely adore these books, they are everything you shouldn’t think and say condensed into a 20 minute hilarious read and the best thing is you can share them with others and laugh at the fact you do or have done at least half of the things in the book.

The Modern Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully is balanced between funny phrases on each page which relate to the images which look to me like stills from old films from the forties and fifties. Some of them had me roaring with laughter and nodding as I realised that despite their sarcasm they were pretty close to the truth.

As with previous copies from this series I have other women in my family chomping at the bit to get their hands on the book and who am I to disappoint them so I will be sending the book on a journey around the houses to spread the cheer!

This may be a small book, and very tongue in cheek but it’s a great laugh. I loved it and I’m sure the rest of my family will love it as they have before. I can’t recommend these highly enough for a bit of shaking off the cobwebs laughter.

You can buy this on Kindle but I recommend buying the actual book for the full effect.

A huge thanks to Ada Adverse and Mills & Boon for the ARC in return for my honest review.



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TitleModern Girl’s Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully
Series: Modern Girl’s Guide #6
Author: Ada Adverse
Genre: Humour | Comedy | Gifts
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Publication Date: 18 May 2017
Review Format: Hardcover
Other Formats: eBook
Pages: 96
BuyAmazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | Foyles | Book Depository | SpeedyHen

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