Week in Review – 22 October 2017

I’ve been recovering from the Bronchitis this week but I’ve been busy working with a couple of authors who I have taken on as marketing clients. I’m really excited about this new freelance route I’ve developed and using my marketing background to help authors is really rewarding.

I’ve also started working on the next revision of my book. I’ve had some awesome feedback from beta readers and have started to work that into this revision and can already see how great the book will be when I finish the edits.

I’m also reading a lot at the moment, I have a week coming up in November with five review tours (bad planning Claire!) so I’m trying to get all the books read as soon as possible so that I don’t trip myself up when that week gets closer! Honestly, I don’t know how I get myself in these fixes sometimes, especially as I’ve been trying to reduce the amount I’m doing!

The TBR Topple winner for this month has been chosen and the winner is: Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis, keep an eye out for the review next month.

Right, here is my bookish update for this week!

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

New Books

Bought / Freebies


This week I have reviewed The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton, If I Want You by Rachel Brimble, the Personalised Modern Girls Guide to Happy Hour by Ada Adverse, Elements of Mischief by C.M. Stunich and Tate James, and A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt.

Other Posts

I had a guest post from Kate Hewitt on the A Vicarage Christmas blog tour, I had an excerpt from The Rise of the Dawnstar by Farah Oomerbhoy. I featured Tina Guo on Music Monday this week. I also took part in the Hocus Pocus Book Tag. I had Lynne from Fictionphile join me on The Bookshelf this week.

Next Week on BrizzleLass Books

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I'm BrizzleLass, I have Bipolar and have been dealing with mental illness in one form or another since childhood, I was first diagnosed with depression at nine. It's not easy speaking out about my experiences, some of them are extremely painful, but if I can help even one person then I have succeeded in sharing my story. This is where I talk about my mental health among other things that interest me. I enjoy walking, PlayStation, reading, heavy metal, and spending time with my Niece.

10 thoughts on “Week in Review – 22 October 2017”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a productive week. After a hectic couple of months where I promised to read and review far too many books for blog tours, I finally have a couple of weeks where I can read other books I’ve agreed to review.

    I’ve only agreed to 4 reviews in November, so assuming I can resist further temptation, it might actually be an opportunity for me to read some of the hundreds of books I’ve bought 😉

    Hope you feel better soon. The Huzbind has been sniffing and coughing all week, so I suspect I’ll be catching his lurgy soon 🤢 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! The lurgy is pretty robust, Hubs caught it from me although a much weaker strain and minus the Bronchitis!

      Hope you get to some of those books you want to read. I’m going on holiday end of November so I’m planning to read a few of my wants that week.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bronchitis is the worst! I think you and I were already discussing how I just recovered from a bout as well. I think the weather change and my down time contributed to my case. I hope you are clearing up ❤ The coughing alone can be so tiring and painful.

    It seems like you are remaining incredibly productive in spite of it all! The marketing seems to be off to a wonderful start! And I will always celebrate progress with the book 🙂 Oh by the way, I managed to find the tea you sent me online. It is taking weeks to arrive though haha. Sending love – xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I always seem to get Bronchitis when a cold hits my chest, the pleasures of having asthma I guess. It’s pretty much cleared up now, a slight lingering cough but I feel well now which is good. I’m sorry you had it as well, I know Patty over at Moonshine’s Corner has had it as well!

      I’m so glad you found that tea, but boo to it taking so long! I’m always happy to send you some, I’m sure it only took about four days last time! Big hugs xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha no worries on the tea! I did take a while but shipping was minimal and I know to order in advance. It has become a staple.

        I am guessing my own asthma contributes to the bronchitis. It only seems to bother me during certain times of the year. The weather change right now seems to be a trigger. I am so glad you feel better ❤

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  3. I love these “week in review” posts, Claire. Sorry you’ve been sick, but glad you are recovering! Ugh, Bronchitis is horrible and I feel for you.

    I came so close to grabbing The Art of Hiding on NetGalley, but I waited. I’ve seen some mixed reviews on it. Hope you enjoy it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I skipped it when it was on NetGalley aswell, I knew I wouldn’t prioritise with the way my TBR is! I bought it on Amazon last week, but when I read it is anyone’s guess. I enjoy Prowse’s work but I have a lot of authors I prefer who I have books I want to get through first.

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