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His real name might be Saint, but he’s a monster.

His heart—if he even has one—is coated in ice. Dark. Like the blood under his fingernails.

Saint “Glacier” Nordin is the enforcer for the Alpha Wolves Motorcycle Club and sin for sin, he’s an outlaw among outlaws.

But even monsters want to be accepted and there’s a place in the club for someone like him, a man that paints with blood instead of oils.

Glacier, he’s the stuff nightmares are made of.
But I love him.

Even if he’s thirty and I’m only seventeen, even if the looks he gives me are cold hell.
I want all of him: his body, his heart … and his monster.


The first thing I did after finishing the Bad Boys MC Trilogy was to buy Glacier, a spin off set within the same MC. What can I say I’m addicted! Glacier is the clubs enforcer, cold, calculating and taking pleasure from torturing people. When he appeared in the trilogy I loved him, his way of being able to scare everybody, even those who were supposed to be his friends was appealing and very attractive.

I would quite like a Glacier of my own actually, the more I learned about him in this book the more attractive he became, as we learned about his life it became clear how he became the person the club sees. But beneath that is a beautiful man and Serenity is the only person who sees that, and from a distance before he starts to open up. And do I have to mention the cover? Oooh that cover!

The problem, because there has to be a problem right? She is 17, he is 30. Now as an English reader that’s not such a big deal, an age gap yes, but certainly not illegal for us (age of consent 16). I knew plenty of girls (and guys), myself included, who dated people in their 30’s while they were in their teens. Some are still married to those people. But as I had to keep reminding myself this book is set in the States where age of consent is 18 so this is a much bigger deal there.

I love that Serenity is the one with the strength in this relationship. She pursues the Glacier, she fights for them, she has the emotional strength and looks out for them. She is an exceptionally strong young lady, and her age isn’t a question as far as she is concerned. She is in love and she isn’t going to let something like an age difference get in the way. I admire that quality and I admire that she had the strength to fight for what she wanted whatever sacrifices it required. She was a girl after my own heart.

Saying that there are times where she just needs to be loved and looked after, to be supported and Glacier does all these things and more for her, they discover how to be a unit, how to love each other and what it means to be in love together. There may be a large age gap but emotionally they are on a level and fit so perfectly together.

Glacier learns to fight for what he wants and to open his heart, something he has never done. His soul is damaged but Serenity naturally seems to know how to help him heal and feel better. She supports him, loves him and he does the same. They really are a perfect match. But battling the club, her parents, the law is a huge strain and one they have to navigate and decide if they are able to stay together.

I also loved how the background story from the trilogy was continued, although this can be read as a standalone it could also be part four of that series very easily.

This book took me through my paces, but I adored the characters, shed more than a few tears and felt so much love. I read it one sitting which given the page count is quite an accomplishment.


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Series: N/A
Author: Violet Blaze
Genre: Romance | Contemporary | Erotica | BDSM | MC Romance | Bikers
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 28 February 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback
Pages: 481
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