Week in Review – 11 March 2018

How has your week been everyone? I’m not going to dredge over old ground, the bipolar is still being a royal pain in my backside and I’m doing what I can with the motivation I have but it’s damn hard. I will be so glad once I’m back on track, the meds are reduced and I’m functioning at my normal level.

Confession time, I had to give up on the February TBR Topple read, I restarted it four times and couldn’t get more than 10% into it. I tried I really tried, it wasn’t enough of an effort to fairly deserve a review of any kind so I’ve just put it aside but as it was a TBR Topple read I wanted to mention it. I’ve read another of the authors books and I flew through it so I know I get on with her writing, I just couldn’t connect with this particular book for some reason.

Book of the Month

With being sick I didn’t read much during February so the pool of books to choose from is pretty small for a change. Despite the small pickings, they were high quality and I’ve gone with three again this month, one urban fantasy, one romance and one sci-fi romance.


Clockwork City by Paul Crilley – This was a book I was desperate to read from the moment I knew it was coming and it didn’t disappoint in way shape or form. Continuing from where Poison City left off there are magic and monsters galore as Gideon Tao and his spirit guide, Dog, get themselves into seemingly unending amounts of trouble.

Baby Girl by C.M. Stunich – I swear C.M. Stunich can see into my soul and knows exactly what to write to tear me apart and have me hang on her every word. Baby Girl see’s two people have to deal with the death of his best friend and her fiance, and how they cope with that and eventually find solace in each other. It sounds cliche summarised but it was one of the most heartbreaking and equally uplifting books I’ve ever read.

Sins of the Father by Nikki Landis – Nikki Landis very quickly became a must read for me. I am still playing catch up on her back catalogue but am just about managing to keep up with new releases. Sins of the Father is on the surface a straightforward MC Romance, but Nikki has thrown some wapping great surprises in there which I can honestly say floored me and had me physically reeling from the shock! Outstanding novel and I can’t wait for number two.

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No reviews this week…sorry!

Other Posts

I had an excerpt from Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop as part of the blog tour. I had Taking Dawn on Music Monday this week. I had a special edition of The Bookshelf as part of Rebecca Bradley’s blog tour for Fighting Monsters. Round two of Getting Cozy With… went live, this time I was pleased to introduce Randy Richards. Sandy Day was our visiting author on The Bookshelf this week.

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