Make Me Want - Katee Robert

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“I want everything.”

She’s taking control. And it’s driving him wild!

Lucy Baudin’s ex dented her self-esteem and it’s time to regain control. In her job as a lawyer she’s bold, confident. But in the bedroom…she needs inspiration to reawaken her inner seductress. Asking her friend Gideon Novak for help seems wrong, yet so deliciously right!


OMG! I don’t even know where to start with this book. Gideon is one of New York’s finest headhunters, Lucy is a top lawyer and an old friend of his, an old friend he was in the unfortunate position of having to give some really bad news to a few years earlier which left them estranged. So when Lucy asks him to help her with a headhunting project he is surprised especially when she tells him she wants him to help her find a husband.

She then springs on him she needs help embracing what to do having sex, having been told she wasn’t very good by her ex. As she and Gideon rediscover their friendship and newly discover a sexual chemistry which is off the charts the husband project becomes a thorn in both of their sides. But of course, stubbornness is the makings of a great story!

I loved both of these characters, Lucy is a strong confident woman but she is insecure when it comes to relationships and sex showing that you don’t have to be all things in all part of your life. People are multi-faceted and it’s OK to be insecure sometimes. Gideon is a wonderful character, he is a man who is a little bit cocky, he has clearly not always treated women well, but the way he feels about Lucy and always has felt about her shines through, and his discomfort with what she is asking of him is clear but he also wants to be there for her.

Katee Robert gives us a hot and heavy novel with characters you will fall in love with right from the beginning.

Thanks to Katee Robert and Mills & Book for the eARC of this via NetGalley so that I could review this.


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TitleMake Me Want
Series: Make Me #1
Author: Katee Robert
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Adult
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Publication Date: 1 March 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback | Audio
Pages: 224
Buy: Books2Read (Universal Link Redirects to Preferred Retailer)

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