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Unsung Heroes – Siobhan Royle an Author PA @PaRoyle

I am super excited about today’s edition of Unsung Heroes. Siobhan Royle is an author PA, a super fantastic  PA and someone I feel honoured to call a friend.

About Unsung Heroes

In the world of books there are so many people that ensure a book is successful in their own small (or even big) way that get overlooked in most cases. So I wanted to shine the light on those people, if only for a short time and celebrate the work they do. From Editors to Cover Designer to Photographers to PAs, there are a whole slew of people working to ensure a book is successful and I’m hoping to speak with a variety of them about what they do and why they do it.

Introducing Siobhan Royle

Siobhan and I met through Nikki Landis, Siobhan is Nikki’s PA and I joined the team to help out with the Facebook Group a few months ago. Siobhan has become one of my favourite people in that time and not only is she an absolute natural at her job but she is also one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve known and as loyal as they come.

Siobhan was one of the first people I asked to take part in Unsung Heroes and I’m over the moon she agreed to take part, she is an absolute gem and people like her really are the unsung heroes of the industry.

Unsung Heroes – Author PA
Tell us a bit about Siobhan?

I’m 28 from London England, I was brought up by a single father along with my younger sister, I don’t have any education as we moved around a lot with my fathers work.

I started working when I was 13 on Saturday markets in Hackney selling shoes and clothing, then when I was 14 I started working 7 days a week on the market stalls from 5am- 8pm till I was 16 I then got a job at a local butcher.

Where I met my partner at 17 and he saved my life literally, see I was from an abusive family home, so I was always drinking and taking drugs to cope with the abuse, but you don’t wanna know about that lol , my partner Michael the father of my two beautiful children saved me taught me that I was worthy of love and not all men were evil, I ended up having our first child Joseph before my 19th birthday and my daughter Lilly at 21, we are expecting our 3rd child in September. I don’t drink or take drugs anymore I use reading now as a scapegoat for The memories depression and PTSD, and I love life.

Tell us what being Author PA means.

So basically I organise my authors life, haha no I organise takeovers , in multiple groups help the authors get marketing for their books and sales, I run their groups and contact other authors and bloggers about my authors work, also I advise on book covers and blurbs.

How many authors do you work for?

Five so far but I’m looking for more if any are interested I love to help people .

How did you first become a PA?

OK so I became a PA in July 2017 by chance I won a book in a giveaway by a lady called N.M Catalano, I joined her group and she was advertising for an admin for her group to help post in her group because she had a full-time job, and then we got chatting away about what we could do to help her group grow she had 700 members who weren’t active so I suggested we do takeovers, giveaways and live reads, well it was a hit and she now has over 3000 members. She asked me to be her PA because people seemed to like me and that’s where it started.

What is your favourite part of being an author PA?

Meeting new authors and interacting with members of the groups I run I love it, to meeting people from all different walks of life and bringing new people together.

Is there anything about the role you don’t enjoy as much?

No not much I think the only thing is missing out on my authors’ takeovers because 4 of my authors are based in the USA, so the time difference, but other than that I love it.

You sometimes do Facebook Live chats. What do you like most about these?

I love talking to people I feel we can connect and get to know each other plus it’s a laugh, they get to ask me questions and I’m an open book and I’m always truthful.

How do you keep track of everything you need to do?

HaHa well I have a spreadsheets so I know where my authors takeovers are so I can close them, it’s all about spreadsheets otherwise I’d be completely lost.

Do you have different Facebook profiles for different authors?

No, I use the same accounts my ordinary one and My PA one.

What is the first book that made you cry?

A Stone for Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins

What is the one book that you would recommend to everybody?

Oh god just one , I’ve so many wonderful books I’ve read , but I’d say a Stone for Danny fisher by Harold robbins it was my first love I found it in my grandmothers attic at 11 and fell in love , it has everything love, violence, betrayal greed lust , absolutely everything, it’s set in Coney Island, in the early 40s.

Recommend one book from each of the authors you work with

Ok so my darling Nikki Landis, it’s got to be 2 books Dungari Rise and Sins of the father, she’s such a talented lady her characters have so much depth and are beautiful in every way.

Crimson Syn is my other darling and another extremely talented young woman and I’m just gonna say her hellbound lovers MC series they are everything you can love from alpha males they are protective and heroic.

Eden Rose her Taming the Bear, Lucifer’s Lair MC book 1, is a fantastic read she’s a talented young lady.

Tracie Delaney’s winning Aces series is a sports romance and absolutely beautiful she’s My British author and it’s so emotionally charged.

Rodney Falcon is my first Male author and his book Popstar is such a beautiful book his first baby, he’s a Narrator for R.R Banks and Lilly White.

Do you want to share any links promo material with us for you or your authors?

Nikki Landis links

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Nikki Landis new release coming soon

💥⭐💥⭐ PREORDER for Harleigh is LIVE. ⭐💥⭐💥 #madlove #embraceyourvillain


Nikkis Sins of the Father link:

Nikki Landis Dungari Rise link:

Crimson Syn’s links

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Crimson Syns hellbound lovers MC links

Grab them on #AMAZON & #Free on #KU!
🔥#NewRelease DIESEL- in the series is standalone, there is a backstory you should read

Tracie Delaney links

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Tracies book links

Eden Rose links

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

A Dangerous Game by Eden Rose

Rodney Falcon links

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Popstar by Rodney Falcon


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  1. Man, I would love to be an author’s PA. That’s like my dream job. Glad she found her husband though and the job that got her away from all the bad stuff. 🙂

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