Digital Marketing

I am available to help you out with any of your digital marketing needs on a freelance basis.

What makes me the person you can rely on? I hear you wonder.

I started working in marketing in 2001, I studied professional qualifications in marketing while working over six years and attained a post-graduate diploma. I’ve worked in all areas of marketing from Event Management to Data Analysis. In 2010 I took the decision to specialise in Digital and went to work for an agency where I learned everything I needed to know on the technical side from an expert in the field.

So, now I hear you asking, What is digital marketing?

It is all marketing related to the web, website SEO, content on the website, from the Hello on your homepage to the blogs you write and their tone and style. Also, social media is a huge part of this.

I’m an expert in strategy, in looking at the big picture and finding out the best way for you to move forward. I am not somebody who does your social media for you or writes your blog posts for you every week. I tell you what you should be doing.

There are lots of people out there who claim to be experts when what they do is write posts. I AM an expert, I have years of training, qualifications, and experience under my belt to know what I am looking for in your data to help me determine the best way forward for your account. I don’t use templated responses I personalise every single report to each client.

I work with individuals looking to improve their personal brand and organisations wanting to increase their brand awareness. My rates are reasonable and can be negotiated depending on what is required. Get in touch and we will talk further about your requirements.

I can also create one-off banners to promote your business/an event/PA Services etc at a fixed rate of £10 per banner plus any image charges.

N.B. I am fully covered with worldwide Professional Indemnity Insurance