#Review: Branded by Keary Taylor @kearytaylor


On the remote shores of Lake Samish hides a woman losing touch with reality. Haunted by violent dreams of angels, standing judgment for the sins of others, Jessica has resorted to a life of solitude and nightmares.

But when two men she can’t ignore enter her life, everything changes, including the afterlife that calls to her. Can she hide the physical scars that follow her into the land of the living from the enigmatic and easygoing Alex? And why is her gorgeous and assertive new neighbor, Cole, so fascinated with her?

A chance at love sits within reach, but the clock is ticking, and it might not be long until Jessica stands her own judgment and becomes the object of her greatest fear.


Jessica is a woman who has cut herself off from other people. SInce childhood, she has been tormented whenever she sleeps. Tormented by angels who judge the sins of people who have died, Jessica stands that judgement in their place. When she wakes she is scarred and in pain, proving how real these dreams are.

When Alex arrives in the house she looks after, telling her the owners, his Grandparents, have died her life turns upside down as she has to decide whether to let someone into her life. Then a new neighbour, Cole, also wants to get to know her and is always available just when she needs somebody.

Jessica is a strong independent woman. She’s been alone for a long time thanks to this affliction and has had to learn to look after herself. Seeing her learn to lean on other people is lovely, we all know we need others in our lives and that it makes us stronger, not weaker so it’s great to see Jessica realising this.

Alex is the sweetest kindest most selfless man you’ll meet. This made me very suspicious of him. After all, who can be that perfect? But it’s clear he cares deeply for Jessica, I’m just not sure Jessica is emotionally available to those kinds of feelings.

Cole radiates bad boy, I could feel the vibrations coming off of the page and I loved it. I really loved his domineering actions and how he wanted to control every situation. He knows what he wants and he’s determined to take it. I love that he’s not holding back and that he’s doing all he can to persuade Jessica to see him. He’s strong, he’s attractive, and I’m fairly sure he could blow the windows out with how hot he is.

I did work out a lot of the things that happened towards the end, except the one big final twist, THAT I did not see coming and I can only imagine what is going to happen in the next book which I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into! This is a great twist on not only the paranormal romance genre but also novels with angels in.


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Series: Fall of Angels #1
Author: Keary Taylor
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 23 February 2010
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback | Audio
Pages: 376
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