Week in Review – 4 March 2018

I’m taking a moment this week to think about a friend that I heard lost her fight with anorexia and depression this week. As the words wrapped their way around me and the tears started to fall it was a stark reminder of how close I have come to losing my life to my bipolar so many times. She was a beautiful person, with a beautiful smile and she fought hard for people who couldn’t find their own voice. We had worked together on a social media project which ran for about 18 months and despite a significant age difference became good friends. I visited her in the hospital making the trip to Wales and taking books and bath treats for her because despite being stuck in a hospital bed she loved a pampering as much as the next person. Her death is not just a personal loss but a loss to the world of mental health, she had powerful things to say and always said them well. I will miss her, I will miss talking to her. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, I don’t believe in any God, but I do hope that whatever she believed in she found it along with the peace she was desperately seeking. I understand the desperation, the need to let go and I will never judge someone for that but my heart has broken just a little knowing I won’t ever see her again.

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I had Metallica on Music Monday this week. I reviewed the Harry Potter themed Rosie Lea Tea I received as a gift. I took part in the cover reveal for Callan by Sybil Bartel. Sue Johnson appeared on The Bookshelf this week.

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