#BlogTour: Become the Force by Daniel M. Jones & Theresa Cheung @TheAspieWorld @Authoright #Excerpt

It’s always fun to kick off a blog tour, but this one I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Daniel M. Jones is the founder of the Church of Jediism and this is his book all about the principles of living according to the Force. I am totally fascinated with the ways religions work, what people believe in etc and as a huge Star Wars fan that’s just increased ten fold with this one. I have an extract which I hope you enjoy and do follow the tour, there is tour schedule below.


Daniel M Jones founded the Church of Jediism in 2007, and it now has over 500,000 members around the world. This is the book his fans have been waiting for. In it Daniel outlines the Jedi perspective and provides practical tools for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how to use the Force in everyday life. The Force is a metaphor for the universal life energy that connects us all, and it can be both light and dark, good and bad. Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to overcome the dark side. This book does not aim to convert but to inspire its readers to live a life of meaning and purpose according to the universal spiritual teachings from ‘The Way of the Jedi’.

Become the Force covers:

Daniel’s own fascinating spiritual journey and how overcoming personal struggles has awakened him to his purpose.
How Jedi teachings can empower mind, body, heart and spirit.
A comprehensive toolkit that will allow anyone to genuinely embrace ‘the way of the Jedi’.
Compelling reasons why the spiritual teachings of Jediism are relevant today.
A comprehensive explanation of Jediism as a spiritual movement (a universal desire for self-awareness, spiritual awakening, peace, love and harmony) rather than a religion.
Shows that it’s plausible that the Jedi-minded among us today might usher in a new spirituality and shift in global consciousness towards peace and harmony that is more powerful than any we can possibly imagine.

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This extract comes from fairly early in the book when Daniel explains with reference to his own life the importance of understanding the power of your thoughts.


If intelligence – and by that I mean curiosity – is the qualification or prerequisite for Jediism, becoming aware of the power of your thoughts to create your reality is the foundation stone or starting point. The journey begins with one step and thought control is that first step. Not taking responsibility for your thoughts allows fear to get the upper hand and when fear has the upper hand you attract negative situations, experiences and people into your life. This sounds like positive thinking but it is far more expansive and profound than that. It is understanding what your thoughts are and how to take charge of them so you become a living embodiment of the infinite power and potential of the Force.


The power of thought to create your reality and connect you to the living life Force is something I have felt many times in my own life.


Thinking ahead


I guess I’m lucky in that I have always been aware of the potential of my thoughts or thinking to shape my life and what I attract into it. I have always sensed that I am not entirely at the mercy of external events or a helpless victim of circumstances. My parents and teachers may have been worried about me with my Star Wars obsessions and strange, antisocial behaviour but I was choosing to live my life on my own terms. I wasn’t able to conform to the expectations of others. In my mind I trusted that somehow all would fall into place and self-understanding would manifest if I simply put my energy into doing what I loved.


After leaving school I continued to educate myself and absorb as much as I could about religion, spirituality, science and the search for life’s meaning. I also formed my own band. I composed songs for the band, despite not being able to read music, and performed locally in clubs and pubs. I had but one agenda and that was to be creative and to ultimately use that creativity to energise and inspire others. Perhaps this desire to create has something to do with my Asperger’s, which was still undiagnosed at the time. I have – and still have – this overwhelming urge to ooze creativity 24/7. I need very little sleep. If I’m not creative or learning something new I don’t feel alive. I always have to be doing lots of things. If I’m not busy I am more susceptible to meltdowns. Keeping my mind active and constantly learning and creating is my way of being and I’m aware that not everybody reacts to life like that.


From the outside looking in I must have seemed like a young drifter without any formal qualifications, or a rebel without a cause, but that transition period in my life from schoolboy to young adult made complete sense to me – I was learning, growing and finding out who I was. There was no urge within me to settle for security. There was only one road for me and that was the road less travelled as it offered constant stimulation and opportunities to evolve. I trusted the universe would support my creativity, and support me it did.


All along I knew that everything in my life was leading me towards a greater purpose. I wasn’t sure what that purpose was but I never panicked because I knew that all I needed to do was let my creativity flourish and the universe would guide me. I trusted that the universe would send me the right person or the right circumstances or the right insight to take me to where I needed to be, in other words help me fulfil my purpose. That is exactly what the universe did.


Answer noted but not counted


I was first alerted to the Jedi census phenomenon in early 2001 by a family friend who told me about a worldwide email campaign urging people to write Jedi or Jedi knight as their answer to the religion classification question in their country’s census. My friend knew that I was a Star Wars obsessive and that this would definitely appeal to me. They were right. The census phenomenon did more than appeal to me. It inspired and enlightened me. I may not have been aware of it at the time as I wasn’t yet 16 but it sowed a seed in my mind and in my heart.


In the coming months and following years I watched the census phenomenon with increasing interest. It made me think about how brilliantly an online community could fuel people power and rock the establishment boat. I was fully aware that some declared themselves Jedi on the census as a joke. However, I also knew that there were many people, myself included, who didn’t think it was a laughing matter at all but a genuine expression of spiritual curiosity and identity.


The forces that be (government officials) took note of ‘Jedi knight’ as a religious choice on the forms but did not count it. This felt wrong to me as it certainly deserved acknowledgement and investigation as to why people were doing this. People were listing Jedi for a reason. I did some research and found that it wasn’t the first time that people had declared themselves Jedi on the Census. Perhaps this was to do with the dawning of the new millennium and the unfounded fears surrounding computers crashing because of the Y2K bug. Or perhaps it was simply because Star Wars: The Phantom Menace hit cinemas in 1999 bringing Star Wars nostalgically back into people’s minds and hearts years after the release of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in 1983


For whatever reason, in the years that followed the 2001 census it gradually became clear to me that people were crying out for some kind of ethical and spiritual framework but established religion was losing its relevance. It was also beyond doubt clear to me that the internet was going to be a powerful force in everyone’s lives. It was certainly a powerful force in my life. I felt completely at home online, establishing myself as a popular figure on My Space (an early version of Facebook) in 2005. I knew social media had the potential to reach more people than any religious leader and an online community might just be the ideal medium for a spiritual message that was modern, relevant, engaging and empowering……..

About Daniel M. Jones aka Morda Hehol

Daniel M. Jones aka Morda Hehol is a philosopher, scientist and musician. In 2007 he became world famous when he founded the Church of Jediism at the age of twenty one. Since then he has appeared in many national newspapers and Time magazine, and has been interviewed by the BBC, Good Morning America, ITN and numerous other TV and radio stations. Daniel also has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bangor, Wales. He is a member of pop punk band Straight Jacket Legends, whose debut album charted in Japan. He also dedicates his time to his the Aspie World YouTube Channel highlighting what life is like with Aspergers, after having been diagnosed in 2013. For more information please visit: https://thechurchofjediism.org/


About Theresa Cheung 

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists and has a Masters in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge. She has sold almost half a million books and encyclopaedias about the psychic world, the afterlife and personal transformation over twenty years. Her spiritual books Heaven Called My Name (Piatkus 2016) and An Angel Healed Me (Simon & Schuster 2010) became Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers and have been translated into thirty languages.


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TitleBecome the Force: 9 Lessons on Living as a Master Jedi
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Author: Daniel M. Jones Theresa Cheung
Genre: Non-Fiction | Religion
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Publication Date: 14 November 2017
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Pages: 176
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#BlogTour: The Rainbow Player by David Kerby-Kendall @dkerbykendall @Authoright #Excerpt

Today I have an excerpt to share with you from The Rainbow Player, this looks like a deeply moving book about love and self-discovery for a professional football player.


England footballer, Sammy Hatchington, has never considered sexuality before. As a teenager, Sammy broke the mould of his youthful peers with his desire to open the door to life’s endless possibilities. He escaped a deprived estate and, with the help of Old Thomas, his surrogate father, Davey, his soul-mate, and Gran, the connoisseur of footballer’s bottoms, launched himself on a path toward his personal and professional goals. Now, several years later, he must make a decision that could destroy everything he has fought for, and create a furious media frenzy………

David Kerby-Kendall’s joyous and witty novel challenges preconceptions about professional sportsmen and love, and is also a delightful and moving story of a young man’s journey to self-knowledge.

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This scene happens in Sammy’s bedroom. He and Georgina are both fifteen, and virgins, but have decided to ‘study’ each other. Georgina is considered the classiest girl on the estate as none of her family are in prison. Sammy is VERY nervous.


I undid the buttons of my fly, shimmied my jeans down to my knees and begin to extract my left foot, never once taking my eyes off her, desperate that the moment would be lost and she would change her mind. Unfortunately this caused me to lose my balance. I vainly attempted to grab the edge of my desk, executed a perfect double axel, smacked my head on the wall, nutting the poster of Michael Jackson squarely in the testicles, finally lost my grip on the table, and reality, and fell rather unceremoniously to the floor, leaving me with a red face, a pounding forehead and an Action Man up my arse.


“Are you OK?” she asked.


“Fine,” I replied, as though I’d intended to be in this position from the outset, “I thought you’d like a comedy trailer before the main film. Er, would you like to…” I said, gesturing toward the bed in the manner of a supermarket assistant showing you where the eggs are.


“Oh, yes, thank you,” she said.


We lay on the bed and I wondered if this could be real. Also, what the hell I was supposed to do now? But, just as I was about to suggest we get dressed again and help each other with our algebra homework, eureka, she seized the day. Carpe Diem! Or Carpe Testiculum in this case. Several seconds later, when I thought things couldn’t get much better, she grabbed my penis and I realised they could. As she rubbed her delicate fist up and down, I tried to think of chemistry exams or The Antiques Roadshow so that it wouldn’t be over quicker than it takes a Ferrari to get from 0 to 60. After a short while, I realised I should try to return the compliment but, due to her lack of a penis, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I fumbled as professionally as I could for a while but hadn’t a clue how to find the appropriate spot. After a brief period of my hand movements resembling someone rewiring a plug, I elicited a small moan from her, which made me think I was at least in the right area. Now I could stop concentrating so hard and remember that she had been playing with my penis for the last two minutes, seemingly to no avail as I hadn’t even murmured ‘oh that’s nice’. So I tried to make up for it by letting out a sexy noise, which actually came out sounding like a cross between a Red Indian battle cry and a vacuum cleaner starting up.


At this point I also remembered the need for romantic, ambient background music; so I rolled over to the CD player and hit ‘play’. I suppose the Spice Girls singing Spice Up Your Life in no-part harmony was appropriate to what we were doing, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t appropriate to the atmosphere I wanted to create. As soon as the song started, she took her hand away and said:


“That was lovely. Thank you.”


About David Kerby-Kendall

Originally from Leicester, David Kerby-Kendall now lives in Muswell Hill, North London. He is an actor who began writing in 2007. From the success of his first play, Save Your Kisses For Me, he became the in-house writer for Heartbreak Productions, writing and adapting plays for national tours, including three David Walliam’s novels (Mr Stink, Ratburger and Billionaire Boy) as well as several other novels: Pride And Prejudice, The Secret Garden, Peter Pan and Dracula. His second play, The Moon Is Halfway To Heaven, was produced at Jermyn Street Theatre, London. He has two new plays in the pipeline: 20:40 which deals with depression and Gay Pride And No Prejudice, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous novel.


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TitleThe Rainbow Player
Series: Silent Sea Chronicles #1
Author: David Kerby-Kendall
Genre: Romance | Sports | Contemporary | LGBTQ
Publisher: Whiteley Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: 20 June 2017
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#BlogTour: Just One Life by Pat Abercromby @Authoright #GuestPost

I’m so pleased to welcome Pat Abercromby to my blog today, she has written a post about writing a book from a carers point of view. Check out more about the book below along with this wonderful guest post.


When you realise you have just one life left to live, how do you make peace with the mistakes of your past?

Fran should be looking back on her life with pride. She’s risen to the top of the job ladder, having left behind a council housing estate in post-war Glasgow, to forge a colourful, fulfilling career and enjoy all the trappings of success.

But instead, Fran is consumed by regret. A shocking revelation has cast her life, and her thirty-year marriage, asunder. She finds herself the full-time carer for her husband, a man she now accepts, she has never loved. The sacrifices she has made, the personal freedoms she has lost, have left Fran crushed. Her free-spirited friend Iona is her one salvation. Their friendship has survived the storms of conflict and loss since childhood, their deep affection for one another the only constant remaining in Fran’s life, a life she no longer recognises as her own.

Her husband’s new brush with death will give Fran the chance to reflect on what she has left, the choices she has made and the two men she has loved and lost.

Can Fran find a way through the ruins of her marriage and find inner peace, to make the most of what remains of her life’s journey?

Just One Life - Tour Banner

Guest Post

Writing a book from a carer’s point of view.

The statistics for unpaid carers looking after a family member are staggering. One in eight adults are carers, and the total number of carers of all ages currently stands at seven million people. Every day, another 6000 people take on a caring responsibility which equals over two million people each year. 58% of carers are women and 42% are men At least 1.5 million carers are looking after someone with long term mental health issues like dementia. 50,000 of carers looking after someone with mental health issues are children or young adults.

Before I became a carer myself, I was vaguely aware of these numbers but like most things in life, until you are affected by the experience yourself, it is easier not to think about it too much. My husband had a serious stroke in 2007 which left him almost blind, unable to walk and needing a wheelchair and a year later suffering from epileptic seizures which have resulted in vascular dementia. His life changed in a heartbeat, but so did mine. Almost overnight I had to give up my career to become his full-time carer. It was a while before I could accept that this was a forever change and that he was never going to get better. Through joining a stroke club and a carer’s support group I met many other carers ( most of them women) and came to realise that many shared the same frustrations, limitations and loss of identity that I was experiencing. Caring for someone, particularly someone with physical and mental health issues is an all-consuming 24/7 task. There is simply no time to be, or even remember the person you once were.

I was luckier than most because my husband was a Mason and they paid for him to go into respite care for four weeks of every year which gave me the opportunity to have a decent break. But I needed those breaks throughout the year just to catch up on sleep and relax a bit. It was only after he had to go into full-time residential nursing care two years ago, that I had the head space to consider writing Just One Life. It bothered me how many carers are unsupported and not acknowledged for the sacrifices they have had to make to look after their partner or family member.

Because I am a carer and have experienced many of the frustrations my main character Fran goes through, trying to meet the needs of someone whose core personality is reduced to that of a needy and tiresome child, I think I was able to bring some honest dialogue between them into the story. Carers often feel guilty because sometimes they completely hate the cared for person for being so utterly dependent and then torture themselves with feelings of pity and helplessness for the shocking quality of life that once healthy person now has. That is just the way it is, we can only do our best. Another thread in the story is about friendship. Carers more than anybody need friends to talk to, someone who understands their frustrations and does not judge. Preferably someone with a sense of humour!

This story, Just One Life, is dedicated to all carers and to friendship.

About Pat Abercromby

Living in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Pat Abercromby has enjoyed a varied career – from recruitment consultant to journalist in Saudi Arabia and massage therapist – eventually setting up a training school for Seated Acupressure Massage. Today she continues to work within the field of corporate wellness with her business partner Davina Thomson with their joint company Wellbeing Direct. She also co-wrote and published Seated Acupressure Massage with Davina Thomson in 2000. In her spare time, Pat enjoys being an active member of her local creative writing group, classical music and the outdoors.

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TitleJust One Life
Series: N/A
Author: Pat Abercromby
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: 27 April 2017
Review Format: N/A
Other Formats: eBook | Paperback
Pages: 224
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