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Ever Chace is a Valkyrie, but not just any Valkyrie—she’s a Valkyrie queen in the making.

Torn between the past and present, love and obligation, Ever is terrified of saying the words that would break the curse she is bound to. Pushing Derek away hasn’t simplified things; it has only made her miserable. With her father waking, and her and Derek’s lives on the line, can she really shy away from who and what she is becoming? How long can Ever keep her past lives a secret?

Pushing thoughts of his mate aside, Derek tries to focus on the task at hand—tracking down a monster that leaves nothing but a husk behind. But Ever is never truly off his mind, even as two of his own become targets of the unsub. Can he set his personal distractions aside to keep his team alive?

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Loki leaned in towards her ear, his breath a hot swirl of temptation on her skin. Erika’s eyes fluttered as Loki’s fingers danced over her hair. “I like your hair,” he whispered. “Can I have a piece?”


Gathering her wits, Erika slid her hands up his ribs, pressing her palms firmly against the muscle of his chest. With a gentle shove, she tried to put as much distance between herself and Loki as possible.


“We all know about your hair fetish, Loki,” she chided. “No need to remind us.”


Tilting his head to the side, he sighed. “You steal a girl’s hair once. Once. And if you recall, I did return it. Lady Sif forgave me… eventually.”


Human histories liked to mythologise them, weaving their stories with half-truths in order to appeal to those who liked fairy tales. Sometimes they got it right, while other times they got it completely wrong. Take Freya, for example—the human mythologies painted her as the goddess of love when, despite holding that title, Freya happened to be bloodthirsty and vengeful.


Loki, however, lived up to most of the stories told about him. The tale in which he had snipped off his sister-in-law’s hair because he’d been bored was one of those truths. Nowadays, profilers would study Loki’s behaviour, eager to find an explanation for his actions. But Loki was simply Loki; he liked to revel in mischief and mayhem.


“But I would never cut away any of that sensuous hair. I’m looking forward to fisting it in my hand when I take you.”


Erika waved off his comment, trying to ignore the quivers she felt in all the places her body yearned for Loki to touch. She hated herself a little bit for feeling this way about him. As if sensing her discomfort, Loki ran his thumb across her bottom lip before lifting it to his own mouth and sucking on it. It was the most erotic, yet infuriating thing she had witnessed.


“I’m not as bad as the books say, you know.” There was no mistaking the hint of sadness in his tone.


“Narcissistic, evil, and a general pain in the ass.”


“Oooh,” he shuddered. “Name calling—so fearsome.”


Erika let go of a breath, shaking her head. “Why are you such an ass?” The words slipped free from her lips before she could stop them, but they packed no punch.


Loki shrugged, a boyish glint in his eyes. “Everyone has to excel at something, right?”

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Kings Never Die – Eminem and Gwen Stefani

What I wish I could Forget – Too Close To Touch

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Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Trigger – Deaf Havana

Just looking – Stereophonics

In the End – Black Veil Brides

Monster – Stitched Up Heart

Save Me – The Rigs

A Different World – (Corey Taylor) Korn

Falling Short – Lápsley

Where You Are – Portico ft. Jono McCleery

Goodnight – Mirel Wagner

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About Susan Harris

Susan Harris - Author ImageSusan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland.

An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy and Dystopian genre. She writes books for young adults and adults alike.

When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, creepy snow globes, DC shoes, stationary, anything Disney, Marvel movies, psychology and far too many TV shows. If she wasn’t a writer, she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto.

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TitleSmoke and Mirrors
Series: The Ever Chace Chronicles #3
Author: Susan Harris
Genre: Adult | Paranormal | Romance
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing
Publication Date: 29 May 2017
Review Format: N/A
Other Formats: eBook | Paperback
Pages: 300
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Book Depository

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It’s Faythander’s legend of King Arthur. And it’s not for the faint of heart.

Olive Kennedy, Fairy World MD, isn’t ready to go back to work. But when her dragon stepfather shows up on her doorstep with bad news of the world-ending variety, that’s exactly what she’ll have to do. He wants her to stop the elven queen from obtaining seven weapons of King Arthur fame, and he wants her to break into a dragon’s vault to do it.
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