Week in Review – 26 November 2017

I’ve been working on some things ready for next year I have some of my favourite authors secured for The Bookshelf in 2018, I’m literally bouncing off the walls with excitement over who I’ve secured. One will close out the year with the final bookshelf of the year and the others will be taking part in early 2018. It’s very exciting. Don’t forget anyone can take part just head here.

I’ve been busy with the mental health side of things again this week. The campaign I’ve been working on with my volunteering role went live this week at an event attended by Bristol’s Mayor and a number of other influential people from various organisations within the City. I had a great conversation with the Superintendent in charge of Mental Health for Avon & Somerset Police, it was great to meet someone in a position like this so passionate about mental health. This week I’ve appeared on Made in Bristol TV News and BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast, it’s been a busy week! The video we made for this campaign is below.

NaNoWriMo has gone really well, I hit the 50,000 words to complete it yesterday. For my first NaNo, I feel quite positive with how I went, especially as I finished early. When I started the month I didn’t think I would complete, but I’ve felt really inspired as I’ve written this novel and other than a few days where I’ve struggled to get the word count out I’ve really flown through it. I now need to backfill some areas of the novel that need more depth, and there are some additional chapters I want to add so I will set myself a new schedule and get on with it after my holiday.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and as always I’ll be running a giveaway, this year is probably my best yet, I tied it in with the release of a fantastic book so I hope you’re all ready for this! The post will go up at midday tomorrow and the Rafflecopter will stay open for a couple of weeks.

I go on holiday for a week next Thursday so the blog will go quiet for a bit. knowing me I will be about on Social Media, I can’t help myself(!) but there will be no posts until I get home. The plan is to have a nice relaxing week and to read loads. I really hope that pans out. More than anything I’m looking forward to sun, lots and lots of sun!

You Had Me At Hello - Mhairi McFarlaneThanks as always to everybody who voted in this month’s TBR Topple poll. I’ve had a great run of books from these polls so far, so I’m really looking forward to picking up this month’s winner. With 42.86% of the votes, the winner was, You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane. I’ll be reviewing it next month and the new poll will go up when I get home from my holiday so will be slightly later than usual.

Here are this week’s book updates:

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This week I have reviewed:

Four Star: and a Sixpence for Luck by Lilac Mills.
Five Star: A Stranger in the Cove by Rachel Brimble and Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan.

Other Posts

I had excerpts from Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights by Leonard Durso and Become the Force by Daniel M. Jones. The Bookshelf this week featured the very lovely Danielle from Books, Vertigo and Tea.

Music Monday this week featured Bon Jovi with a Thanksgiving-themed song.

I also took part in the Brotherhood of the World Award.

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Week in Review – 23 July 2017

It seems you all really liked my new feature Marketing Monday, my stats which I don’t often look at but I couldn’t miss them for this, went through the roof for this post! I’m so pleased as I really agonised about creating this feature. I wasn’t sure if I would come across as a bit pompous! The feedback in the comments and the fact the stats were, well, awesome shows me I’m on the right track. I’ll start planning next month’s post for you and hopefully you’ll like it just as much!

You’ll be pleased to know that I made it to both fitness classes this week! hooray! I can’t walk now though I think I’ve pulled a few muscles but no pain no gain right?! haha!

I should also let you know that you picked The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson as my TBR Topple read this month! I’m really looking forward to diving in so look out for the review early next month!

Aaaand, Here is my bookish update for this week…

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My most recent reviews are: Worth Remembering, Thrust, Learning to Fly, and Ellie’s Encounter.

Other Posts

This week I launched my new monthly feature Marketing Monday. I had an author interview on the blog tour for Taking Chances. A Spotlight for The Redcliff Novels Series. An excerpt on the book blitz for Addicted to Love. And Annabelle Anders a debut author this week came to visit for The Bookshelf this week.

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#BlogTour: Taking Chances by Kimberley O’Malley @K_OMalley67 @RABTBookTours #Interview

Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Kimberley O’Malley’s new novel Taking Chances. Find out more about the book below, it’s definitely on my ever growing wish list! I also have a fab author interview which I hope you enjoy!


Katie Fitzgerald learned the hard way about love. She vowed to never get involved with a doctor at work, and when she did, he broke her heart. Older and wiser, Katie is serious about never getting hurt again. Dr. Flynn Reynolds, staff cardiologist at Windsor Falls Memorial, just might be the man to change her mind. Attraction explodes between the two from their very first meeting. But Katie is determined to protect her heart. Will Flynn convince her to take another chance?

Author Interview

Thanks for joining me on my blog today, I’m so pleased to have you and hope you enjoy answering these questions.

Tell us a bit about Taking Chances
Thanks so much for having me! Taking Chances is the story of Katie Fitzgerald and Flynn Reynolds. Katie is a small-town girl who puts her whole heart into her work as a critical care nurse yet protects it on a personal front. Katie has been burned before; by a doctor no less. She’s not going down that road again. No matter how hot Flynn is. Flynn is a Cardiologist from Atlanta who moves to Windsor Falls to start his own practice. The attraction between the two is so powerful that even Katie can’t deny it. Or can she?

What inspired Katie and her story?
Katie first appeared as a secondary character in Coming Home, the first novel in my Windsor Falls series. I liked her sass. Katie doesn’t take crap from anyone—the product of growing up with older brothers. I liked the chemistry between she and Flynn in Coming Home and knew I had to tell their story.

Who is the main man in your story and is he based on anyone you know?
Flynn Reynolds is the leading man in Taking Chances. He’s a Cardiologist at Windsor Falls Memorial and new to the town. Most if not all my characters are bits and pieces of people I know or have met. Flynn is a bit of a rake. Or is he? He’s definitely got a bit of McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy in him.

Which song would be the soundtrack of this novel?

Take A Chance on Me by Abba. The title is right! Taking Chances is all about learning to love again after heartbreak.

What is your writing process?
I am a Pantser who failed epically at being a Plotter. I tried to plot. Really, I did. But everything I have ever written, including this interview, is done right at the laptop. I know who the main characters are and have a general idea of what will happen. But much of the plot comes to me as I’m typing. Which is interesting and more than a bit scary.

Why Romance novels? What drew you to the genre?
Who doesn’t love a happy ending? The real world can be somewhat dark and scary, and romance novels offer escapism. I have been reading them since middle school. A great romance novel offers you a chance to lose yourself for a while.

Who are your inspirations in the genre?
I love Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins, and Susan Mallery. I have probably read everything they have written thus far. I LOVE the fictional towns they have created. I want to live in Fools Gold, Manningsport, NY, or Cedar Ridge.

If you were to try another genre what would it be?
Romantic suspense. I love to read this genre, and I would love to write it.

What book have you most recently read?
Speaking of romantic suspense, I just finished Linda Castillo’s Down a Dark Road. Fabulous!! I love her Kate Burkholder series. Like many romance readers, I am a sucker for a strong female lead character. I leave for Bermuda in the morning and cannot wait to crack open Jill Shalvis’s newest, Lost and Found Sisters.

What book do you most wish you had written?
Anything by Jane Austin. She was an amazing writer and ahead of her time. To have written something that has been read by millions and persevered for decades would be amazing!

Thanks so much for spending time on BrizzleLass Books and wishing you all the best with the novel.

About Kimberley O’Malley

Kimberley O'Malley

Kimberley O’Malley is a recent transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from the frozen North. She is learning to say y’all but draws the line at sweet tea. Sarcasm is an art form in her world. When not writing, she is a full-time nurse and part-time soccer Mom, but not necessarily in that order. She shares her life with an amazing husband of more than twenty years, two teenagers, and one very sweet Shetland Sheepdog, Molly.



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