Week in Review – 11 February 2018

My mental health has continued to be a battle this week. I’ve had another week off work and my GP has signed me off for the rest of the month, not how I wanted to start my new job, but that’s how this goes sometimes. Living with Bipolar is a constant battle harder at times like this than at others. But I’m determined to get through this and get on track. I’m keeping up with exercise, of course getting bitten by a dog when running doesn’t make that easy! I kid you not a Greyhound (I mean could it have been a more docile dog?!) decided my thigh was breakfast!

There are a few things I really want to share with you this week, I’ve tried really hard to keep my head in the game, and not just fall into the “lazy” trap so here goes…

Coming soon is a new feature, the first one should be the 23rd assuming all the parts come together. It’s quite a big feature to put together, I’m collaborating with somebody else, who isn’t a blogger and does something not connected to books but has an awesome online presence and flatters the book vibe massively. We will also then jointly be collaborating with another organisation. I know I’m being super vague right now but let’s just say that at this point everyone is saying yes to the project and we just have to iron out the details for it to go ahead! At a time when I’m not feeling enthusiastic about anything this is pressing all my buttons.

I’ve also finished writing book two (insert cake here). I need to do a read through to check for mistakes, continuity problems etc but by the end of next week I want to have it out with Beta Readers…which is where you guys come in. If you fancy helping me out by reading and feeding back the brutal truth about this book which is an Adult Contemporary Romance then please let me know. I’ve put a convenient contact form below.

I have set up a group in Facebook for authors. It’s aim is for new authors especially those who are unpublished/first timers to have somewhere to ask questions and get real and honest answers from experienced authors. So far the group is being really helpful and honest and we’re learning loads from each other. If you would like to join come find us at the Fledgling Authors Support Group.

Right, here are this week’s book updates, I’ve struggled with reading this week which means I am epically behind with tour reading so I need to find my mojo and quickly next week!

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This week I have reviewed:

Five Star: Clockwork City by Paul Crilley
Four Star: Charmed by Mila Young, The Needed by Nikki Hunter and Spring at Lavender Bay by Sarah Benett.

Other Posts

Rotting Christ were featured on Music Monday. I had an interview with Elizabeth Corrigan about her novel Oracle of Philadelphia. This week, author Helen Matthews joined me for The Bookshelf.

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