#Review: Ride with the SEAL by Leslie North @leslienorthbook


When ex-SEAL Camden Thursday enters the garage at two in the morning, he’s intent on grand theft auto. Instead he’s confronted with more than a hot car — there’s a sexy mechanic too. His high school crush, wrench in hand, projects a “Dangerous Curves Ahead” warning far more tempting than any joy ride, but Camden isn’t here to try the road less traveled. He’s here to jack a car and prove he can do more than manipulate computer code for the black ops service he works for: Norse Security. So while Camden is looking to get physical on this job, he was hoping for someone to punch, not someone to plunder…

Everly Knight is the baddest bad girl in town. As the daughter of a mobster and a name in the auto industry for hot cars, she could rest on her laurels and let her reputation proceed her. However, Everly has a deep dark secret: she wants nothing more than a shiny, new, legal garage all of her own. She’s just a few thousand away from cashing in and figures that one last illegal car theft could finance her legal dreams. That is until the geek from her past shows up as a hunky hero; letting Everly see that it’s possible to become more than just a tough girl.

Camden may be all muscle, but it’s Everly who can stall the entire operation. She holds him hostage and offers an ultimatum: Take her on the ride or find himself a sitting duck for the mob. It’s not a hard choice when the bombshell revs his engine. But with warring goals and secret missions, they’ll find themselves fighting for their futures and racing toward a love they never saw coming.


I was originally supposed to review this for the blog tour, then life happened and I couldn’t take part so my apologies to the author for the delayed review on this one.

Cam is a man on a mission, determined to prove himself as more than just the team geek to the rest of his security company all he has to do is steal a high-tech car. This would be simple except for Everley, his high school crush and now mechanic who is all over the car with an agenda of her own and she’s not letting Cam anywhere near it.

When the bad guys get close the two of them need to work together but who wins in this scenario, who can be trusted and what’s with all the sexual tension?

I loved how this novella was written, short snappy and to the point with lots of danger forcing these two to make quick decisions despite all this the romance was still somehow slow burn which is quite unusual for a novella. I’m quite happy with fast steamy romance but this slow burn worked well and felt quite natural.

The banter between these characters is great, there is so much resistance from them both for various reasons and a lot of it comes out in sarcastic banter which works really well.

This was an easy and enjoyable read, highly recommended.

Many thanks to Leslie North for the eARC so that I could read and review this book honestly.


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TitleRide with the SEAL
Series: Norse Security #1
Author: Leslie North
Genre: Romance | Military
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 24 May 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsN/A
Pages: 131
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#Review: Blunt Force Magic by Lawrence Davis @LawrenceEdmund5 @WildBluePressA


Janzen Robinson is a man torn between two worlds. Five years removed from a life as an apprentice to a group of do-gooding heroes who championed the fight against supernatural evils, the once-promising student is now a package courier going through the daily grind, passing time at a hole-in-the-wall bar and living in a tiny, run-down apartment on the south side of Cleveland, Ohio.

Then fate (or a case of bad timing) brings him face to face with a door that’s got his old life written all over it. From the ancient recesses of unyielding darkness known as the Abyss, a creature has been summoned: a Stalker, a predator whose real name is forbidden to be spoken aloud. It’s a bastardization of the natural order, a formidable blend of dark magic and primal tenacity. Its single-minded mission? Ending the life of a fiery, emerging young witch.

Thrust into the role of protector, a role once reserved for those he’d lost years ago, the out-of-practice “Artificer” not only has to return to a life he’d left behind, but must relive that painful past while facing down the greatest threat to come to our world in a century. Janzen will have to journey through the magical underbelly of the city and not only stay one step ahead of an unstoppable monster hellbent on destruction but try and figure out why it’s been brought to our world in the first place. Past wounds are reopened as Janzen looks to old friends, a quiet stranger, and his own questionable wits to see them all to the other side of this nightmare that may cost him his life and, quite possibly, the world itself.


Books occasionally sneak up on you and take you by surprise. I took this book on at a time when I am literally refusing every single request I get, and I said yes to this for a few reasons. I share a name with the name character, my maiden name is Robinson, had to be fate right! There’s a mental health slant with elements of PTSD written into the story. And that blurb just hooked me, man, how could I say no after reading that?

I didn’t think I would get to this for a while, but it was eating away at me so I just picked it up and got on with it and boy am I glad that I did. Blown away doesn’t even seem close enough to cover how strongly this book hit the mark.

An urban fantasy, Blunt Force Magic follows Janzen Robinson, a parcel delivery guy who stumbles into a supernatural situation which is about to go nuclear. A Stalker from another realm has landed and wants blood, the blood of Maria a young, I guess you would call her a witch. Now Janzen isn’t a normal parcel delivery guy, he’s kind of been hiding for the last few years since his trainer and all their buddies got killed while out on a job. See, he was training to be an artificer which is kind of like a modern day war mage.

The magic in this book is cleverly done, Janzen doesn’t possess magic as such, he can’t cast a spell, wave a wand etc and have things happen, everything has to be carefully planned out, he has to carve runes into objects to weaponise them. Very clever and almost steampunk in design…I liked it a lot. Restricted just how powerful he could be, and put him in a lot of danger much of the time when up against monsters with limitless power.

The people/creatures/supernaturals he turns to for help and advice were brilliant, there were those who made me laugh, some who were just plain weird and others who had me screaming for him to run away sure they were going to double-cross any moment. The world is carefully and clearly developed using these characters and their homes/businesses as anchors and you get a good feel for what this supernatural Cleveland is like.

Janzen is the perfect anti-hero. He’s a cocky guy full of snark and sarcasm (totally on my level), he is also insecure and absolutely doesn’t want to be doing this saving the world bullshit. But there he is doing it anyway. Then he ends up unwillingly partnered with the epitome of a hero in Grove, a badass veteran who could shoot every last zombie in a horde with both arms tied behind his back, and the fact he’s a stud really seems to piss Janzen off!

This is a book full of dark humour that had me laughing at very inappropriate times, between Janzen’s witty comebacks and the general tone of the book even the very dark direction the book takes at time doesn’t drag you too far into the pits of despair because something happens or is said that soon has you laughing your way out of it.

I can’t say much more, this book was absolutely brilliant. I am so glad it’s the first in a series because Janzen and Grove were superb characters who I definitely want to read more of. I can’t recommend this highly enough it was just such a bloody pleasure to read.

I have to thank Lawrence Davis for the eARC so that I could read and provide my honest opinion.


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TitleBlunt Force Magic
Series: The Monsters & Men Trilogy #1
Author: Lawrence Davis
Genre: Fantasy | Urban Fantasy | Magic | Mental Health | Military
Publisher: Wild Blue Press
Publication Date: 10 January 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback
Pages: 232
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#Review: Impossible Promise by Sybil Bartel @SybilBartel @CarinaPress


Three years ago, Layna Blair listened in horror over a telephone line as her parents were murdered. When the killer said she was next, Layna panicked and made a deadly deal—his secret in exchange for her life. She’s paid the price every day since, becoming a prisoner in plain sight.

Marine Sergeant Blaze Johnson offers Layna a way out—her freedom, his rules, no questions asked—and she takes it, despite knowing what her keepers do to people who get too close. She doesn’t know Blaze is fighting his own demons or that beneath his warrior façade is a man on the verge of breaking.

Embarking on a wild revenge mission with Blaze and his smooth-talking best friend, Talon, is not what Layna signed on for. But attempting to run when Blaze has made no secret he intends to make her his is a reckless mistake. With the killer closing in, it’s up to Blaze to save them all—and to Layna to realize that she’s risked the one thing she can’t afford to lose.


Oh my freaking God!

You know it’s kind of weird jumping all the way back to the beginning. I know ultimately how this story turns out because I’ve read all of the later books featuring other characters who are just on the periphery in this book but I just needed to read Blaze and Layna’s story and hot damn, is it lighting a few fires!

This is where it all starts, this is where the groundwork is first laid for all those guys I’ve already fallen for in the later books. Some of them appear here, some are alluded to but ultimately this is about the nightmare Layna is living and Blaze is determined to get her out of.

Layna is one of those characters you can’t help but love, she heard these awful people murder her parents and then found a way to ensure they didn’t do the same to her, even if it did mean being a prisoner. Now Blaze has a solution to that problem and she’s all balls of steel and standing up to fight, trying to keep him safe, while he tries to keep her safe. God that woman is someone I can truly respect.

The balance of her attraction to Blaze versus her friendship with Talon was perfect. I loved Talon in this and it helped me understand him a little more, gave a bit more depth to the joker he often comes across as. He is a truly solid, caring guy deep down and Layna’s relationship with him is a really beautiful one to see develop.

Blaze is such an incredible guy, he’s going through some pretty awful shit during this time and the way he pushes it aside to look after Layna and show her how he cares is moving and I was willing them to find each other and come together.

I am eager to get onto book two and see how their relationship develops. I have a feeling more evil is heading their way but hoping together they will destroy it.


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TitleImpossible Promise
Series: Unchecked #1
AuthorSybil Bartel
Genre: Romance | New Adult | Military | Contemporary | Suspense
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: 23 March 2015
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: 276
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#Review: Neil by Sybil Bartel @SybilBartel

I’m finally caught up on this fantastic series, to catch my other reviews follow the links below:

Book 1 – Talon
Book 2 – Neil (see below)
Book 3 – André
Book 4 – Bennett


I didn’t know he was a billionaire, or that he was capable of murder.

The first time I saw Neil Christensen, I was being dragged onto his boat from the waters off the coast of Key West.

The second time I laid eyes on the six-foot-six billionaire, he was walking into my strip club, demanding I quit.

The third time I encountered the Viking-sized monster of a man, my life fell apart.

Dominant, controlling, and uncompromising in every way–Neil Christensen wasn’t a man you met by coincidence.

He had a plan.

I only hoped I could survive it.


I have loved Neil in the other novels that I’ve read, his no-nonsense approach to dealing with everything has meant that whoever won his heart would have to be someone special, someone who could break through the tough exterior and also be able to deal with his curt way of speaking and acting.

Ariel is a young single mother who works for André, as an ex-stripper she takes no nonsense from the marines who work at the company and is the only person who has gotten away with nicknaming Neil, Viking. Neil has taken an interest in Ariel and we see her fighting his interest while needing support as her past comes back to bite her in the butt putting her and her son in danger.

Unusually for Bartel this is told completely from Ariel’s point of view with none of the book told from Neil’s, I kind of missed getting his point of view but it really worked for this novel, Ariel is such a strong woman and she fights hard against Neil not standing for any of his nonsense, not liking his bossy nature while being inextricably pulled towards him.

I loved this couple, so much and I loved learning more about Neil and the kind of man he is which just made me love him so much more than I did going into this novel. Another stellar novel from Sybil Bartel.



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Series: Uncompromising #2
Author: Sybil Bartel
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Romance | Erotica | Military
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 22 August 2016
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback
Pages: 376
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#Review: Bennett by Sybil Bartel @SybilBartel

Bennett is the fourth book in the Uncompromising series and it is out today so you don’t need to hang around to buy it. If you wanted to check out my reviews of other books in the series see the links below, I am missing a review of Book Two which is actually going to be going up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Book One: Talon
Book Two: Neil
Book Three: André

If you missed it, I took part in the book blitz for Bennett and the post went live earlier today, there is a fantastic excerpt to give you a taste of what you will get with this book and there is also a giveaway so head there if you want to check it out.


Being the drummer for the hottest new rock band should’ve been a dream come true. Sold out shows, women, more money than I deserved…

But I didn’t want any of it.

The fame sucked, the money was a burden and I’d given away my only chance at ever having her—my best friend’s sister.

I wasn’t supposed to touch her. My best friend made me swear I wouldn’t. Then he was deployed, and he told me to look out for her. Except being around her while still keeping my distance was slowly killing me. Touring with the band should’ve been the perfect escape… Until I fucked up.

I fucked up so bad, she was half-conscious in my arms, fighting for her life.

Bennett - Teaser 2


I’ve been dying to read this for months and I devoured it Bennett was everything I had hoped for and more, it took me to uncomfortable and tortured places but the solid love and need between these two characters was something real and the need for them to make it propelled me through this book.

Bennett and Elyssia have known each other since they were teenagers, they’ve been in love with each other just as long, but they’ve done nothing about it. Marcus, Elyssia’s brother and Bennett’s best friend would have none of it. Now Bennett is a famous rock star, Elyssia is shy, and Marcus is a vet with PTSD.

While the main romantic story is focused on Bennett and Elyssia I was drawn into Marcus’ story, having seen a friend go through almost exactly what Marcus went through I felt connected to his battle and wanted to see him overcome his demons. To say I shed a few tears would be an understatement. This book ripped me apart in ways I didn’t think would be possible.

Bennett is one of the characters you can’t help but fall in love with, even if I wasn’t a rock chick I would want to love him. He’s such a loving man and he would do anything for the woman he loves including walking away from his career if it came to that. The way he puts her before everything says so much to me and I adored reading him and discovering the kind of person he was.

Elyssia, on the surface, comes across as quite a meek person, but she’s actually incredibly strong and has a lot of courage and inner strength. We see more of it as the book progresses and I like that Sybil Bartel has shown that a woman doesn’t have to be in your face strong to be a strong woman with this character.

This is by far the best book in the series yet, it’s blown me away on so many levels and I will be carrying it with me for a long time. I also just have to add, the cover, wow, just wow…can I have a poster?

Sending huge thanks to Sybil Bartel for sending the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


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Series: Uncompromising #4
AuthorSybil Bartel
Genre: Romance | Erotica | MIlitary | Music | Mental Health
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 19 December 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback
Pages: 231
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

#BlogTour: True Horizon by Laurie Winter @lauriew_author @WildRosePress @lolasblogtours #Review

Welcome to my stop on the True Horizon blog tour organised by Lola’s Blog Tours. Today I have my review of this wonderful book for you which I hope you enjoy. If you missed my review of the first book in this series check it out below.

Book One: Home Field


Back home on her family’s Texas Longhorn ranch, Grace Murray is busy preparing for her wedding. After a scruffy tattooed drifter saves her life, she takes on the mission of helping her savior, Heath Carter, find peace. The steady friendship and unconditional acceptance she receives from him encourages her to trade an old dream for a new one—a dream true to her heart. When she calls off her wedding, Grace is finally set free to fully love Heath.

After a decade of military service, Special Forces veteran Heath Carter is living with war’s tragic consequences. Struggling with PTSD, anger, and guilt, he travels through Texas, solitarily moving from job to job. Working with Grace on the ranch, Heath’s guilt over his past actions make him feel unworthy of her love. As their paths lead them in different directions, Heath needs to discover the courage to fight his toughest battle yet—the one inside himself.

True Horizon - Tour Banner


We briefly meet Heath in the first book of this series Home Field, he was best friend’s with Julie’s Husband before he died and has been suffering ever since. Now that he is no longer in the military he just travels around on his bike taking odd jobs and sleeping where he can. His guilt over being unable to save his best friend eating at him every day.

When he meets Grace in the process of saving her life a bond is formed between the pair and we see how her open heart becomes the healing drug Heath has needed. The only problem is that Grace is engaged to somebody else.

Heath is a wonderful character as we see him tackle his PTSD, his loneliness, falling in love and how honourable he is through it all. It’s a tough old journey for this man who deserves to find happiness and love and is at risk of having none of it.

Grace is very much stuck in a rut of doing what people expect. She’s engaged to the man she spent all of her teenage years pining after almost forgetting that as adults people change and she makes compromises to make others happy forgoing her own needs.

I loved watching these two discover each other, discover how their lives could be and how to be stronger individually and make changes in their individual lives so that they could try and come together.  This is another winning book full of heart from Laurie Winter.

A huge thank you to Laurie Winter and Lola’s Blog Tours for the review copy so that I could provide my honest review of this novel.


About Laurie Winter

Laurie Winter - Author ImageLaurie Winter is a true warrior of the heart. Inspired by her dreams, she creates authentic characters who overcome the odds and find true love. She keeps her life balanced with regular yoga practice and running. When not pounding the pavement or the keyboard, she’s enjoying time with her family, who are scattered between Wisconsin and Michigan. Laurie has three kids and one fantastic husband, all who inspire her to chase her dreams.

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TitleHome Field
SeriesWarriors Of The Heart #2
Author: Laurie Winter
Genre: Romance | Chick Lit | Military
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 1 December 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: 300
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

Blog Tour: Guest Post: David Gilman on Author Habits for the Defiant Unto Death Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Defiant Unto Death blog tour which has been organised by Neverland Blog Tours. I’m very pleased to have David Gilman here as a guest blogger and hope you enjoy your time here.

A LEGEND FORGED IN BATTLE: Thomas Blackstone must face an implacable foe as the 100 Years’ War enters its bloodiest phase.

Continue reading Blog Tour: Guest Post: David Gilman on Author Habits for the Defiant Unto Death Tour