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I can barely believe that my first ever blog tour is underway, it’s a surreal feeling seeing people posting about my book I can’t even describe it. A huge thanks to Jenny at Neverland Blog Tours for having me as her last ever tour I’m totally honoured, Jenny is a star and will be missed from the blog tours world.

I thought I would share the posts because they have been just ace so will come back here each day and tag on the latest additions, this is also my way of thanking each of the participants for their time and energy in posting about my book, and for those who have reviewed for taking the time to read the book, I’m humbled.


Monday 13th August

Books, Life, and Everything – Review

The Belgian Reviewer – Excerpt

Tuesday 14th August

The Grass Monster – Review

Wednesday 15th August

Zooloo’s Book Blog – Review

Tangents & Tissues – Excerpt

Thursday 16th August

Rachel Brimble – Q&A

Brittany’s Pages – Review

What’s Better Than Books – Excerpt (not part of blog tour)

Friday 17th August

Jill’s Book Blog – Review

Wrong Side of Forty – Review

Saturday 18th August

Tangents and Tissues – Excerpt

Jemma Malone – Review

Sunday 19th August

Rae Reads – Review

Cover to Cover – Review

Monday 20th August

Ronnie Turner – Review

BookLoverWorm – Spotlight

Tuesday 21st August

Books Reviews et al by Shalini – Spotlight

Wednesday 22nd August

Adventures and Anxiety – Review

Ali the Dragon Slayer – Review

Thursday 23rd August

Moohnshines Corner – Review

ashlxh – Review

Friday 24th August

everywhere and nowhere – Review and Q&A

Dash Fan Book Reviews – Review and Guest Post

Saturday 25th August

This is my Truth Now – Review

Sunday 26th August

M J Mallon Author – Review

Nemesis Book Blog – Review

#BlogTour: The Little Wedding Island by Jaimie Admans @be_the_spark @HQDigitalUK @NeverlandBT #Review #Giveaway

Welcome to day one of The Little Wedding Island blog tour from Neverland Blog Tours. Today I have a review for you which I hope you will enjoy! This is a wonderful book so I encourage you to dig in and enjoy everything which is going to be served up. The tour schedule is further down the post so you know where to head during the tour. 😉


‘Will you… pretend to marry me?’

Bonnie Haskett loves everything about weddings. She loves her job at a national bridal magazine and even has a deposit down on her dream dress. The only problem? She doesn’t have a fiancé!

So when Bonnie is sent to Edelweiss Island, known as ‘The Little Wedding Island’, it’s a dream come true. She’s heard the rumours, every wedding that takes place in the tiny chapel ends in a happy-ever-after.

But there’s a catch! Investigating the story, Bonnie needs to pose as a blushing bride – and the only man up for posing as her groom is her arch rival (and far too handsome for his own good) journalist Rohan Carter…

A gorgeously uplifting summer romance. Perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Caroline Roberts.

The Little Wedding Island - Tour Banner


I absolutely adored Jaimie Admans previous release The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters, it ticked all my chick-lit boxes so the opportunity to read this release was not one I was likely to turn down.

Once again we were served up an almost magical situation with characters who had good reason to dislike each other but the pull they have towards each other may prove more electric than the fireworks of their animosity.

Bonnie is the last of the true romantics, a journalist for a wedding magazine she feels as though she is a crusader for true love. Her only problem she’s in her mid-thirties and has never actually been in love. But she doesn’t let that stop her, she ploughs on flying the banner for love and defending those who she thinks can’t defend themselves. Which after a big Twitter spat gets her sent to an island with some pretty big claims about their success record for weddings.

While there she meets man mag writer Rohan Carter, also passionate about his stance on weddings, he hates them, everything they stand for and he doesn’t believe in love either. These two couldn’t be more different but they are drawn together like moths to a flame and the flame is the wedding chapel.

Jaimie Admans is a creative writer, her books are funny, and heartwarming and The Little Wedding Island is no exception. These are characters I couldn’t help but to be swept away with and to want to spend time with. They made me laugh and cry and they made me want a happy ending for them desperately.

I highly recommend this is added to your spring reading piles with haste!

Sending a huge thanks to Jaimie Admans, HQ Digital and Neverland Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


About Jaimie Admans

Jaimie Admans - Author ImageJaimie is a 32-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, watching horror movies, and drinking tea, although she’s seriously considering marrying her coffee machine. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she’s got the voice of a dying hyena. She hates spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots.

She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.

She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedies The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters, The Little Wedding Island, and Kismetology, and she has also written young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.




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TitleThe Little Wedding Island
Series: N/A
Author: Jaimie Admans
Genre: Chick Lit | Women’s Fiction | Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 2 March 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: 384
Buy: Books2Read (Universal Link Redirects to Preferred Store)

#BlogTour: Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop by Isabella Louise Anderson @ChickLitGoddess @NeverlandBT #Excerpt #Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop by Isabella Louise Anderson. Unfortunately, this is one of the tours which has fallen victim to my struggling with reading recently and so I haven’t been able to get a review written yet and I send huge apologies to both Isabella Louise Anderson and Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours. However, I do have an excerpt from the book to share with you today.


As the owner of a successful florist shop, Khloe Harper trusts her instincts. She has a strong bond with her family and friends, but after being betrayed by her last love, she’s kept herself at arms’ length from romance. When dashing entertainment attorney Derek Thomas walks into her store, Khloe’s interest is piqued. What at first seems like a business relationship quickly turns into romance, and Derek slowly plucks away the petals she’s been hiding behind. Just as Khloe lets down her guard, she discovers that Derek may not be worthy of her love after all.

Frumpy Connie Albright has a faux fascination with an imaginary man named Walt, thinking that by sending herself flowers from him she’ll feel less out-of-place with the “mean girls” she works with. When she comes face to face with her possible prince charming and thinking she might have a happy ending, when a truth is revealed, she wonders if she’ll ever have a Cinderella story.

A recently widowed senior, Gabby Lewis, isn’t ready to give up on love—which means releasing herself from survivor’s guilt and taking a chance on finding happiness and companionship again. After signing up for an online dating site for senior citizens, much to her surprise, she’s matched with Harry, an energetic and loving man, who quickly eases himself into her heart. Will Gabby take the leap of falling in love again, knowing it’s possible to have two loves of her life?

As each woman’s story develops through flowers and cards sent from Khloe’s shop during the Fall months, they begin to learn that love can only truly blossom when you trust your heart.

Cards From Khloe's Flower Shop - Tour Banner


Connie Albright



Connie typed anxiously on her keyboard, looking up from her cubicle every few seconds, waiting for Sharon from Khloe’s Flower Shop to come through the glass entryway doors. She had checked her email first thing that morning, and like always, once a week, there was a confirmation about her order.


Dear Connie Albright,


Your order to CONNIE ALBRIGHT has been created by one of our team members and is on its way to the recipient.


If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please call Khloe Harper at 1-800-555-1212.

As always, I wish you a bouquet of happiness!

Khloe Harper


Owner of Khloe’s Flower Shop


With a sigh, Connie looked back down at her keyboard and continued entering patients’ data into the Excel spreadsheet. Six years ago, to pay for her college education, she had started the medical data entry job, where she found mundane tasks enjoyable, and had been looking forward to making new friends. However, these days, she was now a college graduate with a degree in marketing who hated her job, finding it boring and repetitive, nor had she made friends with any of her co-workers. In fact, they barely noticed her.


Compared to the thin, sexy bombshells she worked with, Connie wasn’t anyone to be desired. She was tall, frumpy, wore glasses, and, thanks to a conversation she overheard, was known in the office as “the ugly girl who wore tacky sweaters.” With the exception of a few that her grandmother had sent her for her birthday, having crocheted each one, Connie didn’t think the sweaters were tacky.

So, after hearing enough of what was being said behind her back, and after complaining to her best friend—her diary—she came up with an idea to change things, and, so far, it seemed to have worked like magic.


“Connie!” Mia, the office receptionist, squealed. “They’re here!”


With a slight pause to get ready for the weekly act she performed, Connie popped up from her chair and watched Sharon approach. After signing her name to the page on the clipboard, she gave Sharon, the only other person besides Khloe who knew her secret, a quick nod.


Suddenly, Connie found herself in the center of a circle of women hovering over her desk, eagerly waiting for her to read the card that came with the bouquet.


“Well, what does it say?” asked a co-worker.


“Yeah, come on. Tell us,” begged another.


She took in the moment, wishing she had a real man who would say the things she had written to herself. “Your beauty captures me more each day, and my love for you grows each time I touch you. I’m looking forward to this weekend…in bed! Walt.


Holding the card close to her chest, Connie forced tears from her eyes, forcing herself to blush in front of her co-workers. “Oh, I love that man so very much.”


“Seriously, that has to be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard,” Mia said, dramatizing her voice and placing her hands on her chest. “Oh, Connie, you’re so lucky to have a man like him.”


“Yeah, Con, that’s cute,” began Nicola, the bitchiest of them all. “But the last time I got flowers, just yesterday as a matter of fact, they certainly weren’t carnations,” she joked, motioning her hand like she was shooing the flowers away from her. All the co-workers joined in her laughter, and then shuffled back to their desks.


Connie looked at her flowers and smiled, her feathers not ruffled by Nicola’s comment. She felt accomplished and desired. For a few moments, she’d been the center of attention of a group of women who she knew despised her. Even back in high school, she had been a female nerd, which crossed her out from being friends with the beautiful and popular girls, and in college it was pretty much the same story. It’s not that she didn’t try to make an effort, because she did, but after failing time and time again, whether it be at orientation, working together in groups for school projects, or the few times Connie went to a pub near the university in hopes of meeting up with a few girls who she thought she could be friends with, it never worked. They either laughed in her face, said that the empty seat next to them was already taken (when it really wasn’t), or simply ignored her.


Though it was beginning to get expensive and difficult to keep the lies about Walt straight, Connie had no other choice but to continue the weekly charade.


It’s just the right thing to do!, she told herself, taking a seat in her chair before continuing to enter the endless data, while thinking of what Walt’s card would say the following week.


About Isabella Louise Anderson

Isabella Louise Anderson - Author Image

Isabella Louise grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. Aside from writing, she focuses her time on featuring other authors on her blog, Chick Lit Goddess, along with sharing book reviews. Isabella Louise is also a member of the Romance Writers of America.

She lives in Dallas with her husband, enjoys spicy Indian and Mexican food, margaritas, and red and white wines. She loves spending time with family and friends, and cheering on the Texas Rangers. When Isabella Louise isn’t working on her next release, her attention is also on her Scentsy business, where she’s a consultant.

Website: http://www.isabellalouiseanderson.com/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ChickLitGoddess

Card's From Khloe's Flower SHop - TOur Schedule


eBook copy of either; “The Right Design,” “Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop,” or “The Hollywood Setup.” by Isabella Louise Anderson

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Title: Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop
Series: N/A
Author: Isabella Louise Anderson
Genre: Romance | Chick Lit
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 17 March 2017
Review Format: N/A
Other Formats: eBook | Paperback
Pages: 290
Buy: Books2Read (Universal Link Redirects To Your Preferred Supplier)

#BlogTour: A Vicarage Reunion by Kate Hewitt @katehewitt1 @TulePublishing @NeverlandBT #Review #Giveaway

Hey Guys, thanks for stopping by for Kate Hewitt’s blog tour for A Vicarage Reunion, you can catch my review below. There is also a fab giveaway that you won’t want to miss at the end of the post. If you missed my review of book one A Vicarage Christmas follow this link.


Welcome to Thornthwaite, a quaint village tucked up in England’s beautiful but rainy Lake District, where homecomings and surprises await the four Holley sisters…

Esther Holley, the eldest in the family, has always had her life firmly in control until a miscarriage knocks her off course. Two months later, still emotionally spinning, she separates from her husband Will, a sheep farmer and man of few words and moves back in with her parents.

Life as a singleton thirtysomething living in her parents’ house is miserable, but Esther is determined to re-boot her life, including going on a few unfortunate dates. She’s shocked when tight-lipped Will shows up on her doorstep determined to woo her back. They’ve been married for seven years, but Will wants to return to the beginning, dating and getting to know each other again.

New challenges face them as they start over–and new chances too. Can Esther and Will save their marriage, especially when faced with the hardest decision of all?

A Vicarage Reunion - Kate Hewitt


Esther has reached a breaking point in her marriage to Will. After losing a baby a few months prior to when this book is set she has become despondent with her life. She is fed up with the monotony of the routine her and Will have and craves something more, and so she packs her bags and leaves returning back to the Vicarage where her parents are preparing for their own life-changing travel plans.

What I love about Kate Hewitt is she doesn’t always go with the expected, the scenario you would expect here is girl leaves boy, girl meets a new boy, realises new boy is the love of her life, lives happily ever after. In this case though. Girl has to make some huge life-affirming decisions. Girl has to take the time to understand exactly what the root cause of her unhappiness is and do something about it. Boy doesn’t just slink into the background never to be seen again. He fights for Girl, learning what he did wrong, or didn’t do right and makes the effort he’s been neglecting.

This book is about rebuilding love, rebuilding a relationship. About two people finding themselves again after becoming so lost they almost lost each other forever. It’s beautiful, heart-wrenching, and all of the things I have come to expect from Kate Hewitt.

Sending huge thanks to Kate Hewitt, Tule Publishing, and Neverland Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this book.


A Vicarage Reunion - Tour Schedule

About Kate Hewitt

Kate Hewitt - Author Image

Kate is the USA Today-bestselling author of over 60 books of women’s fiction and romance. She is the author of the Hartley-by-the-Sea series, set in England’s Lake District and published by Penguin. She is also, under the name Katharine Swartz, the author of the Tales from Goswell books, a series of time-slip novels set in the village of Goswell. She also writes for Harlequin Presents.

She likes to read romance, mystery, the occasional straight historical and angsty women’s fiction; she particularly enjoys reading about well-drawn characters and avoids high-concept plots.

Having lived in both New York City and a tiny village on the windswept northwest coast of England, she now resides in a market town in Wales with her husband, five children, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever.

Website: http://www.kate-hewitt.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/katehewitt1


A Vicarage Christmas - Kate Hewitt

1st prize: £10 Amazon Gift card

2nd prize: A paperback copy of A Vicarage Christmas

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TitleA Vicarage Reunion
SeriesThe Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite #2
AuthorKate Hewitt
Genre: Chick-Lit | Women’s Fiction | Romance
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: 2 February 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: 121
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

#BlogTour: Spring at Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett @Sarahlou_writes @HQDigitalUK @NeverlandBT #Review #Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Spring at Lavender Bay blog tour, I love Sarah Bennett’s books and it was a pleasure to get my teeth into a new series from her. Check out my review below and the giveaway which you don’t want to miss. Huge thanks to Sarah and Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours for having me.


A season for change…?

Beth Reynolds loved growing up close to Eleanor’s Emporium – a bric-a-brac shop full of wonders on Lavender Bay. Devastated to learn that Eleanor has died, she returns home from London immediately and is shocked to discover that the elderly lady has left the shop to her!

Vowing to restore it to its former glory, she only intends to stay until the end of the season. Although the longer she spends in the colourful seaside town, the more she falls back in love with everything she left behind…and quite possibly, with her best friend Eliza’s older brother, local chef Sam Barnes!

Why didn’t she notice he was quite this gorgeous before? And will their spring fling be enough to convince her to stay?

Don’t miss Spring at Lavender Bay, the first book in the enchanting Lavender Bay trilogy! Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd.

Book 1: Spring at Lavender Bay
Book 2: Summer at Lavender Bay
Book 3: Snowflakes at Lavender BaySpring at Lavender Bay - Tour Banner


Beth is stuck in a miserable job where she is underappreciated and overworked, her boyfriend just upped and left her high and dry, life in London s lonely and not at all what she had hoped for. Then she gets the devastating news that Eleanor the woman who practically brought her up in the small seaside town of Lavender Bay has died, breaking her heart.

Returning to Lavender Bay for the funeral she learns that Eleanor has left her everything, her business, her home, her money. It’s time for Beth to make decisions about her future and with the boy next door, her best friend’s brother Sam making it clear he has more than a passing interest in her it starts to look like there could be more to stay in Lavender Bay for than she thought.

I really liked Beth she is clever and tenacious yet she is vulnerable and needs help and guidance to get where she needs to go in life. Her relationship with Sam is sweet and slow, but still sparks and sizzles leaving you wanting more as a reader.

I loved Sam, he was quite a similar character Beth, with a similar set of dreams and ideals. On paper, they were such a good match and the fact the chemistry between them was so perfect just made it all the better.

I loved this book, the conflicts, the laughter, the sadness, and the joy. They all came together to create a fabulous book full of the wonders of Spring and a love story to refresh your heartstrings.

Sending a huge thanks to Sarah Bennett and Neverland Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


About Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett has been reading for as long as she can remember. Raised in a family of bookworms, her love affair with books of all genres has culminated in the ultimate Happy Ever After – getting to write her own stories to share with others.

Born and raised in a military family, she is happily married to her own Officer (who is sometimes even A Gentleman). Home is wherever he lays his hat, and life has taught them both that the best family is the one you create from friends as well as relatives.

When not reading or writing, Sarah is a devotee of afternoon naps and sailing the high seas, but only on vessels large enough to accommodate a casino and a choice of restaurants.

Sarah is the author of the Butterfly Cove trilogy, published by HQ Digital UK.

Her new series is set in the beautiful seaside town of Lavender Bay, and will follow the lives of three best friends – Beth, Eliza and Libby.

Twitter https://twitter.com/Sarahlou_writes

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SarahBennettAuthor/

Spring at Lavender Bay - Tour Schedule



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TitleSpring at Lavender Bay
SeriesLavender Bay #1
Author: Sarah Bennett
Genre: Chick Lit | Women’s Fiction | Romance | Contemporary Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 22 February 2018
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Audio
Pages: TBA
Buy: Amazon UK | AudibleKobo | iBooks | GooglePlay

#BlogTour: Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt @NeverlandBT #Review #Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn blog tour, this is a MG/YA Sci Fi/Urban Fantasy. Huge thanks to Anthony Hewitt and Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours for having me.


Joshua N’Gon is a Fourteen year old foster child from Africa. He has grown up in a loving home in north London and for all intents and purposes he was an ordinary teenager. The reality though could not be further from the truth. Joshua is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma and he is beginning to understand he has a destiny that is far beyond what he could ever have imagined.

On his tenth birthday he receives a mysterious package from his birth parents. He is given articles of technology that even his young mind realized were so far beyond what he knew and understood that they were almost magical. Joshua straps on a tribal hierloom of obvious alien origin – a miraculous multi-tool he calls his RCT– Real Cool Tool that bonds with his arm and is irremovable. And so begin his physical changes too, the headaches, the flashes of genius, the visions and the amnesia.

With his friends Brick and Mina they slowly help him to unravel the mystery of who he is. In the meantime dark corporate forces are gathering in the horizon as Joshua’s talents and his interest in finding his family has piqued the curiosity of powerful people. Soon as his life and the life of those he loves are threatened he must come to grips with his gifts and the miraculous alien technology that founded his people.

Last Prince of Alkebulahn - Tour Banner


Joshua N’Gon is a good kid, he goes to a good school although he’s not academically astute, he has a good moral compass, he has good friends, and he knows how to have fun, mostly with his real cool tool a bracelet like device that sits on his arm and turns his life into a real life computer game. He isn’t any normal kid though and as he starts to unravel his past with the help of his friends the dangers he faces become very real.

For me, this book wasn’t a good fit, I just didn’t gel with the story right from the beginning and gave up mid-way through…but…the reason I went ahead with the review was because the writing was fantastic, the story was even fantastic. I just think I was completely the wrong target audience for it, it kept running through my head when I was reading it that if was 13-16 I would probably have sped through the book in record time. But I’m not, I’m almost 40 and it just wasn’t hitting the spot for me.

I have absolutely no doubt that those reading MG/YA novels who love SciFi/Fantasy/Gaming will eat this up. It has so much in terms of the elements these kids are looking for, Hewitt’s writing is is enjoyable and easy to follow. I definitely recommend it for those of you with teens who need a new book for their kindles.

Sending huge thanks to Anthony Hewitt, and Neverland Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


Joshua N'Gon - Tour Schedule

About Anthony Hewitt

Anthony has been writing for over 15 years.  Mainly writing for mature readers, his genre of choice has always been speculative fiction. The YA category is such an exciting category that he wanted to include a diverse set of character with a different cultural perspective.  He’s enjoyed himself so much he intends to keep creating fantastic new stories for a 12+ audience.

Book website: www.thelastprince.co.uk

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36222715-joshua-n-gon?ac=1&from_search=true

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0956266010/ref=x_gr_w_bb?ie=UTF8&tag=x_gr_w_bb_uk-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1634&creative=6738


2x hardback copies of the book

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TitleJoshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn
Series: N/A
Author: Anthony Hewitt
Genre: Young Adult | Middle Grade | Science Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Fantasy
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 5 June 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback
Pages: 461
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

#BlogTour: Prosecco Christmas by Sylvia Ashby @bysylvia_a @NeverlandBT #Review #Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Prosecco Christmas blog tour, this is a romantic comedy set in the foodie world. Check out my review below and the giveaway which you don’t want to miss. Huge thanks to Sylvia Ashby and Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours for having me.

Follow the link if you missed my review of the last book in this series The Sinking Chef.


Family is where life begins.
And what better time to spend with your family than Christmas week?

Ashley and Giacomo go to Upper Swainswick, a postcard village ten minutes’ drive from Bath, to stay with Ashley’s mum and stepdad. It’s their last visit before the arrival of their first child.

But babies have a habit of being unpredictable.

So when Ashley goes into labour on Christmas Eve, three weeks ahead of schedule, it takes everyone by surprise.
She’s not ready! Her perfect Birth Plan is packed away in her hospital bag two hundred miles away, she has no going home outfit, and she has a live event planned for New Year’s Eve for her YouTube channel, The Sinking Chef. People have been signing up for it for weeks. She can’t possibly disappoint them on the last day of the year. What is she to do?

The tinsel gets even more tangled when Giacomo’s parents decide to fly from Italy to meet their first grandchild. Hotels are fully booked, so everyone has to stay under the same roof.

Would eleven people in the house, not counting the baby, turn out to be simply too much for Ashley?

A Prosecco Christmas - Tour Banner


I didn’t particularly warm to Ashley in The Sinking Chef and her ditzy ways didn’t enamour her to me anymore in Prosecco Christmas. They did, however, add lots of laughter to my reading experience and you can’t ask for much more than that.

When a heavily pregnant Ashley and her swoon-worthy Italian partner Giacomo travel to Upper Swainswick (a rather idyllic village just outside Bath…I highly recommend a visit if you have never been) to spend Christmas with Ashley’s family. They don’t expect the baby to make an appearance, she does have three weeks left until the due date. But babies will do what they want and this one wants to be a Christmas babe.

Joined by Giacomo’s family the house becomes extremely full and soon lots of mishaps and craziness ensues. Again Giacomo comes out on top for me, seemingly the only person who has a head on his shoulders that isn’t filled with nonsense. How he got himself mixed up with Ashley and all her craziness I just can’t work out because he is so sensible and nice! But he loves her and he seems to take her special brand of crazy with a pinch of salt.

Ashley just seems to make bad decisions, not understand things, take things too personally, and add to that new Mum hormones it’s like a big witch cauldron full of explosions waiting to happen. There really is so much hilarity that follows her around. She is someone I would never want to be friends with, but I could happily stand in the corner and laugh at her…sorry not sorry!

This is a festive, humorous novel continuing the Pot Love series and has lots of food and hilarious characters.

Sending a huge thanks to Sylvia Ashby, and Neverland Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


Prosecco Christmas - Tour Schedule

About Sylvia Ashby

Sylvia Ashby - Author Image

Sylvia Ashby is fond of the written word: books, blog posts, recipes, even an explanation to the HM Revenue & Customs as to why she thinks skirts should be exempt from VAT – she’s written it all!

She likes travelling and has lived all over Europe – London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, she lives in Leuven, Belgium with her husband, daughter, son and a sparrow called Jack, who comes occasionally to peck the seeds she leaves for him on top of the garden shed.



3x eCopies of Prosecco Christmas


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TitleProsecco Christmas
Series: Pot Love #3
Author: Sylvia Ashby
Genre: Rom Com | Romance | Chick Lit
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 2 November 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: 428
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US