Week in Review – 4 June 2017

I’ve had a bad week this week, the dark cloud of depression has knocked me for six and a few things have made me doubt blogging. I had an author ask me to change my rating on their review which hurt more than I thought it would when I’d heard other people talking about similar encounters. I obviously said no, I think it’s safe to say as bloggers we all value our integrity and to do something like this undervalues all of our reviews not just that one.

My infection didn’t shift with the antibiotics so I’ve been given another, longer course of antibiotics which will run into my operation next week, it always makes me really angry and moody which is not helping my depressive mood or my reaction to negative situations any! I also ended up in hospital again on Friday with suspected Lithium Toxicity (which is a kind of blood poisoning) so I’m starting to feel like a real frequent flier in that place at the moment! All being well, my operation is next week, I have posts scheduled to go live while I’m away but I will likely be AWOL for a few days at least. So please don’t take it personally if I don’t visit you or don’t reply to any messages. I will be back!

Then there is my ongoing drama of trying to get a ticket to BristolCon a fantasy/sci-fi convention in October. On their website they say they offer an unwaged “membership” (their form of a ticket). I’ve been trying to get one for about 3 weeks now and it’s impossible. Last year I couldn’t go because I couldn’t afford it, this life on benefits is hard but I’ve tightened my belt a lot and have a bit to spare so could afford the early bird unwaged membership and with Jen Williams one of their guests I was well chuffed to go.

You can’t change the ticket option on the website so I tweeted them and sent an email to the address on the ticket page, after a few days I put a message up on my facebook page as I know a few people who go every year and know the people who run it and asked them if they could help me out with a contact. A few days later I got a reply on Twitter with a different email address and a promise someone would reply. I sent the email and nothing, nada, nil. And on June 1 the prices went up so I guess I won’t be going after all, which sucks! I have to say though they shouldn’t offer alternative prices if they aren’t going to honour them…that is really, truly, crap! I also won’t be trying to go again, even once I’m back in work and can afford full ticket price, I’ll go elsewhere.

Finally, in more positive news I’m taking part in Walking out of Darkness at the end of the month, it’s a mental health awareness event, walking ten miles in Weston super Mare. I’m taking part with my Brother and a mutual friend of ours and we are raising money for Bipolar UK. We have a fundraising page where you can donate if you feel so inclined or details of our text to donate are in the sidebar. We are grateful for anything you can spare for this amazing charity. Although as it’s just a couple of weeks after my operation I may be biting off more than I can chew! HAHA!

So, onto my bookish update this week…

Book of the Month

I swear I only did this last week! How has it come around so quickly?!

Red Sister - Mark LawrenceI had a few books that were in the running this month with 5* reviews but only one stood out hands and feet ahead of them all and that was this one.

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence 

Red Sister was the kind of read that glues you to the page from the first word to the last. It was enthralling and fantasy writing at it’s very best. If this doesn’t become a classic in the genre then I will eat my fluffy hat.

“I ended up spending the last hundred pages or so with my breath held, toes clenched,  and grinding my teeth, there was just so much tension.”

For the full review click here.

To Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | Foyles | BookDepositorySpeedyHen

Most Viewed In May

the-last-days-of-magicIn contrast my most viewed page in May was Mark Tompkins The Last Days of Magic, this was actually one of my Books of the Month for May. But I found out on Friday by chance that Mark is actually running a sponsored post on Facebook using my review which I’m both very flattered about and grateful for aswell.

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This week I’ve reviewed My Beautiful Disaster Part 2 and The Modern Girls Guide to Growing Old Disgracefully.

Other Posts

This week I had book blitz for Smoke and Mirrors, When Smoke Rains Down, Lone Wolf and Damned Either Way. a blog tour for The Velvet Chair, my new feature TBR Topple, and on The Bookshelf was the very lovely Louise Rose-Innes.


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Week in Review – 16 April 2017

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend, and for those of you who eat chocolate I hope you are buried knee deep in it.

I’ve been a reading beast this week, I’ve read so much I’m a little confused how I’ve managed it as I’ve also been extremely busy! This is by no means a complaint mind you! I’ve also succeeded in acquiring less books than I’ve read which means my to read list is actually shorter now than it was this time last week which is the first time in about six months I can say that! (Hoorrraaayy!)

This week saw my second blogiversary, I can’t believe I’ve been at this book blogging game for two years now! I said this in my post but I want to repeat it here, a huge thank you to all of you who have supported me both from the beginning and along the way. The book blogging community is like no other blogging community and it’s not something I ever forget. To celebrate I pulled together some pretty nice giveaways, if you missed them I have links to them in the giveaways section below, or you can head to my blogiversary post to find out more details about the prizes on offer.

I also got to meet the lovely Laini Taylor this week. My review of her latest book, Strange the Dreamer, is linked below if you missed it. Laini was over here on a book tour promoting the new book and as she came to Bristol is was a great opportunity for me to stop by the signing and say Hi! Robin Hobb is over here and in Bath in a few weeks so I’m rather excited to be going along to that event, I must make sure I keep the fangirl under control or I may just end up being an incoherent imbecile!

So, onto my update this week…

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  Right Here Waiting For you - Rebecca Pugh     

New Books

I’m still on a mission not to keep adding to my TBR right now…as you can see this is still not going so well! But I at least managed to read more than I acquired this week so that’s something and I never bought any books this week which is something of a miracle!

Competition Wins


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Master Professor - Tara Sue Me



I’ve been a little bit more proactive with the reviews this week, my new schedule seems to be working and I’m catching up on my backlog (insert happy dance here)!

Saving Mercy - Abbie Roads Strange the Dreamer - UK Cover Reveal My Beautiful Disaster - J.D. Hughes Right Here Waiting For you - Rebecca Pugh

Other Posts

This week was my Blogiversary and paranormal romance author, Catherine Green stopped by for The Bookshelf this week. Speaking of The Bookshelf, I don’t have anyone locked in for May yet so if anybody fancies it you can sign up here, it’s open to bloggers aswell as authors.

  My Beautiful Disaster - J.D. Hughes the-authors-bookshelf-logo


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#Review: Right Here Waiting For You by Rebecca Pugh @RebeccaPAuthor @HQDigitalUK


We used to be best friends…

Magda used to be the girl everyone wanted to be – most likely to achieve her every wish. That is until suddenly her perfect life seems to be anything but!

Sophia has never regretted her life, sure it isn’t perfect, but being a single mum to a daughter she loves is pretty great. Perhaps she never moved away from home, or got to live out her dreams, but what she has right now isn’t so bad.

That is until an invitation to their school reunion arrives, throwing both their lives into a spin – because these two used to be friends and it might finally be time to face up to that one big mistake that happened all those years ago…


Oh Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca… I thought that Rebecca Pugh’s previous book’s were good and her skills at weaving a feel good story were well honed but she has well and truly outdone herself with this Right Here Waiting For You.

Sophia is a single Mother, and may not have achieved big career goals but she has a nice home, a job in the local post office and her daughter is the light of her life. She has a best friend, a single father and they offer support to each other.

Magda has made a lot of bad decisions in her life, we meet her at a low point, in an unhappy marriage feeling trapped and unsure how to move forward.

When they both receive an invitation to their school reunion it offers them an opportunity to face mistakes from the past and make decisions for the future.

I think most people will read this and warm to Sophia, things have happened to her or be done to her and it’s very easy to feel sympathy for her. I think Magda is a harder character to feel empathy for but she was my favourite of the two characters. She has made a lot of bad decisions, especially when she was much younger, she’s had a tendency to be selfish and step on people’s toes.

I’ve been in Magda’s position, not exactly the same circumstances, but I’ve had tendencies to rub people up the wrong way, I’ve made lots of bad decisions that have sent my life in the wrong directions so I felt an affinity with Magda and I wanted her to find her way because I know it’s possible to get these things back on the right path.

Rebecca has written a story about friendship which is tough and harsh. This isn’t a story where everything is beautiful from the moment the women see each other, they have a past which needs to be resolved and things are tough. This story takes us on a journey through their pasts and their present and it draws you in emotionally.

There is a small romance element to this story but it isn’t what the novel is about and this book would be just as beautiful and emotionally charged without it. Right Here Waiting For You is about these two women and what they are overcoming personally and together.

Rebecca Pugh has well and truly outdone herself with this novel, it’s beautiful, heartwarming, and a reflection of life and friendship. It can easily be read in one sitting and with the warmer weather pulling in I recommend an iced tea and an afternoon in the sun with this book, and maybe a tissue or two!

A massive thank you to Rebecca Pugh and HQ Digital for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


Book & Buy Links

TitleRight Here Waiting For You
Series: N/A
Author: Rebecca Pugh
Genre: Chick Lit | Women’s Fiction | Romance
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 31 May 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: TBA
BuyAmazon UK | Amazon US

Review: Down on Daffodil Lane by Rebecca Pugh

A charmed life…

Maria Charm’s world might have recently crumbled, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it get her down.

Sure, her ex-husband broke her heart and decimated her trust, and while it would be so tempting to spend forever in her dressing gown, a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other, Maria wants more from her new—single—life!

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Book Blitz: Down on Daffodil Lane by Rebecca Pugh

I am so pleased to be taking part in this release day blitz for Rebecca Pugh’s third novel Down on Daffodil Lane Rebecca is not only a fantastic author but a member of the book blogging community and holds a very special place in all of our hearts. Below you will find details of the latest book, links to head off to your preferred site to buy it and also links to her previous novels if you haven’t checked those out yet either!

Stay tuned for my review of this book which will be coming soon!


A charmed life…

Maria Charm’s world might have recently crumbled, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it get her down.

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Stacking the Shelves #1 – New Books This Week

I’ve decided to join in with Stacking the Shelves which is organised by Tynga’s Reviews, now given I put myself on a book ban during April to catch up with ARC’s this should be a blank post, but I’ve not exactly been well behaved…

So here are my new books this week!

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Review: A Home in Sunset Bay by Rebecca Pugh

There’s no place like home… Enough is enough! The always perfect Laurie Chapman had jumped in her car and raced as fast as she could from London heading to Sunset Bay and (she hopes!) the open arms of her estranged sister…

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