Week in Review – 21 January 2018

I know I mentioned last week that my mental health is having a bit of a wobble at the moment, I’ve reached a point now where I’m really not well at all. I’m really close to tipping into a full manic episode so I may need to just take a break from blogging for a short while. I’ve already cut back on social media and popping in on you guys, apologies guys. I’ve got posts scheduled to a certain point so if I do drop off you may not notice it straight away. I’m playing it by ear right now, and doing everything I need to, to take care of myself…especially in light of my next piece of news…

So one of the things I have had to keep tightlipped about recently, my volunteering job at the mental health charity has been converted into a paid role. I’ve been going through the process of applying for it formally and interviewing and I have now been offered the job and will start tomorrow. It’s only 10 hrs per week so I will still have plenty of time for the freelance work I have, and the blog and my writing but I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with their digital marketing.

I’ve had an interesting invitation this week which I decided to accept. I was asked to be one of the reader judges for the Your Laugh Line awards. I thought it was a fab opportunity to read some humorous books, a genre I really don’t dip into enough.

Your Laugh Line

The contest has two components. One is a Reader’s Choice Award. Readers can log onto https://yourlaughline.com/vote and enter the author and book of their choice. The author who receives the most reader votes will win $250 and an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.

The other component is an adjudicated contest for books submitted by authors and/or their publishers.  The form is available at https://yourlaughline.com/laugh-line-humorous-book-awards.  The cost to enter the competition is $20 per book. Those books will be judged by a panel of expert book reviewers. The winning author will receive $500, plus an assortment of promotional help from Your Laugh Line.

Authors can enter the competition between February 1st and April 30th.  Reader’s Choice voting runs from February 2nd to August 15th.  Books making it past the first round will be announced on July 1, second round list on August 1, and the final winner on September 1. Honorable mentions will be made for category-specific books.

So, there you have it…if you’re interested in entering your book you definitely should and if you’re interested in judging you should definitely get in touch with them, I’m sure they would appreciate it!

Right, here are this week’s book updates:

TBR Topple Winner

To Journey In The Year Of The Tiger - H. Leighton DicksonThe winner of the TBR Topple poll this month with 55% of the votes was To Journey in the Year of the Tiger by H. Leighton Dickson. I’m thrilled this book won, the last book of Dickson’s I read was incredible so I am looking forward to getting started on this one. Keep an eye open for the review next month, and a new poll in the early days of February.

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This week I have reviewed:

Five Star: The Tiger’s Ambush by Tate James and Pack Obsidian Gold by C.M. Stunich
Four Star: Impossible Promise by Sybil Bartel and Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson.
Three Star: Prosecco Christmas by Sylvia Ashby

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