Rumour Has It…

Slightly different post to usual this time, I am on the lookout for a few beta readers for my second book. The first one is in editing and I learned quickly with that one that the more feedback from honest readers that I can get the better.

I have finished draft one of this second book and am just tidying a few bits and pieces up so that the book will be ready to be read. It will be sent out by Friday 16 February at the latest and I would like responses by 30 March giving 6 weeks to complete the readthrough and feedback.

As this is the first draft I’m not looking for detailed analysis of grammatical issues, although I hope I’ve tidied it up enough these won’t be a huge issue. This is about the story and characters. I need to know:

  • Does the story flow?
  • Are there areas where it feels clunky? That something is missing? That something within the story doesn’t make sense? Etc
  • Are the characters believable?
  • What emotions do the characters pull from you? You don’t have to like them but they should affect you
  • Does the dialogue work? Is there too much, not enough, is it in the right places? And does it work with the narrative?

Hopefully, this gives you an idea what I am looking for. So a bit about the book, it is called Rumours, I’ve changed the name twice so far so who knows if this will stick!

It is an Adult Contemporary Romance…there are some hot steamy sex scenes, so please don’t take this gig if this is something that may offend you!

Below is a Blurb, it is a rough draft and hasn’t been finalised in any way but I wanted to give you a taste of what the book is about…

Mark is a professional cellist, he is also a semi-professional player of women. He has never settled with any girl for any length of time, but since his best friend found the love of his life, he’s realised there is something missing in his life.

Wedding Photographer, Blair had her heart ripped from her chest just weeks before her wedding when she found out her fiancé hadn’t just cheated on her but had a family with the other woman. She has avoided relationships for the years since, terrified of losing her heart and feeling that betrayal again.

When the two are introduced by a mutual friend sparks fly but can two people with such broken pasts build any kind of future together?

I would love to get a few more people on my early readers’ team, those who are will get first refusal at future opportunities, and will definitely get a mention in acknowledgements if I ever get this thing published! Plus there is my never-ending gratitude as well. I’ve popped a form below for anybody who would like to help out.

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